Mediums & Psychics


Marthe Béraud (b.1886), also known as Eva Carriere, was a French materialization medium, the subject of controversial investigations by European psychical researchers over two decades from 1905.

Twentieth-century British medium who specialized in musical compositions. Over two decades, Brown produced several hundred, mainly classical pieces that she said were dictated to her by a deceased composers. 

German circle for physical mediumship founded in 2005 by Kai Mügge, noted for the magnitude and diversity of its phenomena, some of which has been observed in controlled conditions, but which latterly has been tainted by allegations of fraud. 

Israeli-born celebrity psychic known for metal-bending and telepathic feats.

Report of a controversial investigation by the newly founded Society for Psychical Research, which concluded that claims of seance-type phenomena relating to leaders of Theosophy, principally Helena Blavatasky, were false. 

Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886) was perhaps the best-known spirit medium of the nineteenth century, associated with a wide range of psychokinetic phenomena, of which some were observed in controlled conditions. 

Examines  similarities between the personalities that communicate in trance mediumship and those that manifest in cases of dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder).

Describes how 'spirit mediumship' and 'spirit possession' overlap, especially as experienced in non-Western contexts.

William Stainton Moses (1839-1892) was an Anglican priest and teacher who described experiences with mediumship in a private circle.

The séance phenomena produced by this nineteenth century Italian medium were of such striking strength, variety and reliability that she attracted the interest of scientists throughout Europe.