Possession & Past Lives


Past life memories are typically experienced by very young children. However, sometimes they occur with adults, and are likewise sometimes found to match exactly with real people and events.

Birthmarks and birth defects have been noted on the bodies of children who remembered a previous life, in positions that correspond to the injuries that caused that person's death. Some two hundred cases have been documented. 

Claims by people remembering the past lives of famous people are treated with caution by reincarnation researchers, but verification of details has been posssible in a few cases. 

Describes how 'spirit mediumship' and 'spirit possession' overlap, especially as experienced in non-Western contexts.

The investigation of cases of infant children who recount, spontaneously and in detail, the intimate circumstances of a deceased individual they could not be expected to know anything about. 

Detailed and historically accurate 'memories of previous lives' are routinely elicited during  past life regression hypnotherapy. They are attributed by some to reincarnation and by others to unconscious recall (cryptomnesia).  

Universal, near-universal and culture-linked patterns can be discerned in the dataset of reincarnation cases.

Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) is a clinical treatment sometimes used with patients who appear to be ‘possessed’ by a harmful spirit entity, and who have not responded to conventional psychotherapy or psychiatric methods. 

Recent cases in which recipients of heart transplants have appeared to take on dominant personality traits of the deceased organ donor are viewed by some as evidence of survival of death. 

Case Studies

This case of  a past life of a sixteenth century Spanish woman, recovered through hypnotic regression, is especially rich in accurate historical detail.