Overview of the attempts by scientists and scholars to apply experimental methods to claims of psychic experiences, from 19th-century séances to the use of statistics in present day laboratory experiments.

Israeli-born celebrity psychic known for metal-bending and telepathic feats.

Meta-analysis is a statistical procedure that combines the results of a number of studies in a particular area of research in order to provide a more robust finding.

The séance phenomena produced by this nineteenth century Italian medium were of such striking strength, variety and reliability that she attracted the interest of scientists throughout Europe.

Norfolk-based group that held séances during the 1990s, claiming to have communicated with spirits and to have observed paranormal phenomena of various kinds. 

The super-psi hypothesis is the claim that psychic functioning is  more extensive than the evidence would suggest, and that it might  play a pervasive role in everyday affairs. 

‘Table-turning’ (also ‘table-tipping’, table levitation’) refers to the anomalous movement of tables and other furniture, one of several séance effects widely-experienced throughout the developed world from the middle of the nineteenth century, often treated as a medium of spirit communication.