Mediums & Psychics

Marthe Béraud (b.1886), also known as Eva Carriere, was a French materialization medium, the subject of controversial investigations by European psychical researchers over two decades from 1905.

In mediumship research, a ‘book test’ is an experimental method that shows knowledge of book contents that neither medium nor sitter could be expected to know.

Twentieth-century British medium who specialized in musical compositions. Over two decades, Brown produced several hundred, mainly classical pieces that she said were dictated to her by a deceased composers. 

Describes successful efforts in the 1930s by Hamlin Garland, a celebrated American author, to discover buried Aztec Indian relics from information provided by a spirit medium. 

Early nineteenth-century mediumship case in which a communicator in Iceland reported a fire taking place in Copenhagen, with details that subsequently proved to be accurate. 

A phenomenon that emerged in the early twentieth century in the study of mediumship and automatic writing, in which deceased psychical researchers appeared to be signalling to their living colleagues the fact of their having survived death. 

Analysis of the celebrated Thompson-Gifford case of ostensible possession, examining its value as evidence of survival.

Some personalities that communicate through mediums are unknown to anyone present and give details that enable their identity to be verified, strengthening the case for survival. 

Ninteen-thirties mediumship case in which four mediums, consulted separately, gave strikingly concordant information about the circumstances surrounding a mysterious death. 

German circle for physical mediumship founded in 2005 by Kai Mügge, noted for the magnitude and diversity of its phenomena, some of which has been observed in controlled conditions, but which latterly has been tainted by allegations of fraud.