Dream ESP Reports (list)

This is a list of summaries of reports, surveys and analysis on dream ESP found in the research archives of the Society for Psychical Research, dating from 1889 to 1998. The articles can be read in full by SPR members and other subscribers to the Lexscien online library.


Sidgwick, Eleanor. ON THE EVIDENCE FOR PREMONITIONS, Proceedings 5, 1889, pp. 288-354. Sidgwick considers a class of anecdotal evidence gathered by the Society which is suggestive of precognition, if not in her view as convincing as the evidence of telepathy. About two thirds of the material is dreams and the remainder various kinds of hallucination. The character of apparitional cases is similar to that of crisis apparitions, with the added element that the event perceived is some hours or days in the future. Headings include: recognised apparitions (293), unrecognised apparitions (300), symbolic visual hallucinations (302), precognition of sounds (305), symbolic sounds (306), general discussion of dreams (311), recognition of dream scenery (314), dreams foreshadowing deaths (317), dreams of accidents (332), dreams of trivial incidents (343), symbolic dreams (351). spontaneous psi/precognition/apparitions/hallucinations/dreams

Sidgwick, Eleanor. ON THE EVIDENCE FOR CLAIRVOYANCE, Proceedings 7, 1891, pp. 30-99. Documents several cases in which subjects become telepathically aware, through dreams or hallucinations, of accidents, deaths and other objective facts. Includes the ‘Wilmot’ case, discussed by commentators to the present day, in which a woman felt herself to be transported to the side of her sleeping husband aboard a ship on a transatlantic crossing. Independently her husband dreamed that she entered his cabin and caressed him and, when he woke, a man sharing his cabin remarked that he was ‘a pretty fellow to have a lady come and visit you in this way.’ Reports of amateur experiments involving a hypnotized subject are also given, in which the subject seemed to become aware of facts she could not normally have known. Telepathy is indicated in some cases, but there are several in which the facts were not known, or known inaccurately by other people involved, and were given correctly by the subject. SUPPLEMENT, pp. 356-9. spontaneous psi/telepathy/clairvoyance/apparitions/bilocation/dreams

Myers, Frederic W.H. THE SUBLIMINAL SELF: CHAPTER 8 - THE RELATION OF SUPERNORMAL PHENOMENA TO TIME RETROCOGNITION AND PRECOGNITION,Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 334-593. Six years have elapsed since Eleanor Sidgwick’s paper inProceedings 5 ‘On the evidence for Premonitions’, in which time twice as much anecdotal material has been assembled as she had available to her. Myers offers some reflections, followed by anecdotal cases. A priest hears the first lines of a letter spoken to him hours before he receives it in the post (346); a woman describes the sensation of being a child again and calling out to her sister at night, and receives a letter from her sister saying she had been awakened the night before by the sound of her name being called (355); a man dreams he is involved in a train accident that causes a fatality, and later finds the details confirmed in an actual accident that happened at the same time (370); a man in a light sleep dreams of an accident to a diver in a harbour, which corresponds with an actual accident (378); a dentist working on the manufacture of false teeth obeys the command of an unseen voice to run to the window, narrowly escaping injury when his chemical apparatus explodes (424); a man dreams he makes a business visit and is asked to look at a number of photographic transparencies, an event which takes place in reality unexpectedly some days later (458); etc. SUMMARY & DISCUSSION,Journal 7, 1895, pp. 82-5. spontaneous psi/precognition/telepathy/dreams

Anon. PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 8, 1897, pp. 147-8. The writer describes how the details of a dream mentioned to him by his wife seemed accurately to match a rail accident in which he was involved a few days later. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Anon. AUTOMATIC REVIVALS OF MEMORY, Journal 12, 1905, pp. 102-4. The whereabouts of mislaid film negatives are revealed in a dream. spontaneous psi/clairvoyance/dreams

Anon. CASES, Journal 13, 1907, pp. 116-21. Cases of clairvoyant visions, simultaneous dreams, and thought-transference. See also pp. 130-35 and 153-5. spontaneous psi/clairvoyance/dreams/telepathy 

Anon. DREAM CASES, Journal 13, 1907-8, pp. 136-43. Telepathic dreams of accidents and death that proved to correspond to actual events. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Anon. DREAM, Journal 14, 1909, pp. 155-58. A woman dreams a friend comes to her in distress because of something that may have happened to her husband. He subsequently returns late at night, having had his car break down. spontaneous psi/dreams/clairvoyance

Anon. PROPHETIC DREAM, Journal 16, 1913, pp. 51-6. A woman dreams an acquaintance shows her some illustrations of his poems, an event which subsequently occurs in fact.spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Doyle, Arthur Conan. PIAVE, Journal 19, 1919, pp. 10-11. The writer records an incident in which he wakes feeling that he has been given important and consoling information in his sleep. He remembers only a single word, ‘Piave’, and communicates this fact in a sealed letter to the SPR. Subsequently, a small victory is won by the Allies at Piave in Italy on a date that marked the turning point of the war in the Allies’ favour. spontaneous psi/precognition

Anon. A REMARKABLE CASE OF PRECOGNITION, Journal 20, 1921, pp. 119-20.Childhood incident remembered: a five-year old dreams of going for a walk with his sister and nanny and seeing a dog kill a duck. He recounts this to his mother and then goes for the walk, where the incident takes place in fact. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Anon. TELEPATHIC DREAM, Journal 22, 1925, pp. 120-22. A woman describes how she and her sister have dream images that relate closely to what the other is experiencing. spontaneous psi/telepathy/dreams

Besterman, Theodore. REPORT OF AN INQUIRY INTO PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS,Proceedings 41, 1932, pp. 186-204. An attempt to repeat findings reported by J.W. Dunne regarding precognitive dreams. Forty-three subjects, including Dunne himself, put forward a similar number of dreams, of which eighteen are regarded by the author as possibly indicating precognition, two of them quite strongly. However he does not regard any of them as conclusive. Each coincidence is briefly described. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams/coincidences

Baldwin, Emily. ORIENTAL WORDS IN A DREAM, Journal 27, 1932, pp. 292-3. A woman dreams she is being consulted on a point of religion by a group of orientals, who use the word Mifta-taleen. A few weeks later she learns that this phrase has a meaning both in Persian and Arabic: ‘the key of the teaching’. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition/coincidences

Saltmarsh, H.F. REPORT ON CASES OF APPARENT PRECOGNITION, Proceedings 42, 1934, pp. 49-103. A total of 349 cases of ostensible precognition reported in the Society’s records are classified and analysed. The majority are found to be in dreams (136), followed by hallucination (87), mediumship (62) and impression (51). A few borderland (hypnagogic) and crystal gazing cases are also reported. Of the dream cases, 76 are reported to be highly evidential and 40 significantly so. Hallucinations are 17 and 45 respectively, mediumship 20 and 31, and impressions 14 and 25 (see table on page 51). The most numerous of the incidents foreseen is death, mainly natural but also accidental, followed closely by incidents classed as trivial. The author discusses the character of the material and suggests that quantum theory may be the key to understanding the space-time principle that makes precognition possible. An index of the cases is included. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 28, 1934, pp. 204-6, 219-23, 240-44, 259-61. spontaneous psi/precognition

Williams, John H. DREAM OF THE RESULT OF A RACE, Journal 28, 1934, pp. 216-8. An octogenarian, dozing in the morning, dreams he is listening to a radio report of a Derby horse race, to be run that afternoon. He tells friends about the dream before the event, including the name of the winner, which happens as forecast. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 240-42. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Hansard, A.G. TELEPATHY AND SLEEPWALKING, Journal 28, 1934, pp. 265-70. The writer describes how he hides the keys to his house to prevent his wife, who suffers from episodes of sleepwalking, from going outside at night. However he learns that she is frequently able to locate the keys, having dreamed he told her where to find them. spontaneous psi/clairvoyance/dreams

Anon. A PREMONITION, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 2-3. Brief description of a dream of someone being mauled by lions, the night before a newspaper report of a zoo keeper mauled by lions at Whipsnade Zoo. spontaneous psi/precognition

Anon. LOST OBJECT FOUND AS A RESULT OF A DREAM, Journal 29, 1936, pp. 272-3. A couple go into the country for a picnic and separate while the man does some fishing. On his return he finds a key has fallen through a hole in the pocket. He does not think of looking for it, as he has walked for some distance through a dense wood. That night his wife dreams she is sitting on a fallen tree trunk and sees the key near a mossy stone. The following day she walks through the wood, where she has not been before, finds the tree trunk, sits on it, and within a few minutes sees the key exactly as she saw it in her dream. spontaneous psi/clairvoyance/dreams

Norfolk, C. et al. A PRECOGNITIVE OR CLAIRVOYANT DREAM, Journal 30, 1937, pp. 143-5. A farmer’s brother dreams that a bull is chasing him through the streets. The next day the farmer finds that his bull has actually escaped and is roaming around the farmyard. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Anon. A VERIDICAL RECURRENT DREAM, Journal 30, 1938, pp. 197-8. A man has a recurrent dream of finding money to the amount of £60 pounds in his mother’s desk. He subsequently learns that this sum was withdrawn from the desk by his sister, following their mother’s death. spontaneous psi/dreams/clairvoyance

Calder, A.M.Fyson. A DREAM SUGGESTING PRECOGNITION, Journal 30, 1938, pp. 198-9.A woman describes how she has dream visualisations of houses that she later occupies. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Anon. A DREAM SUGGESTING TELEPATHY, Journal 30, 1938, pp. 284-8. A man has a dream in which he sees someone handling an adder and calls out to them to put it down. During the previous day, he learns later, his daughter was present at a picnic when one of the party, a teenage boy, is bitten by an adder he has picked up. spontaneous psi/dreams/clairvoyance

Tenhaeff, W.H.C. A WELL-EVIDENCED PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 2-6.Details in a dream seem to prophecy a motor accident involving a member of the Dutch royal family. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Anon. A COINCIDENCE OF DREAMS, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 14-15. Two people independently dream about the loss of a yellow suitcase on the same night. spontaneous psi/dreams/telepathy

Anon. A DREAM ANTICIPATING FUTURE EVENT, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 47-53. An American congressman secretly recruits a new secretary who later reveals that before the event he had dreamed he was the secretary of a congressman in Washington, although at the time he had no plans in this direction. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Richmond, Zoe. THE QUESTION OF MOTIVE IN AN APPARENTLY PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 83-5. A woman dreams she sees four charabancs occupied by foreign students visiting London, all wearing astrakhan caps. The next day she witnesses this scene in reality, with the single variation that the students are wearing black berets. She surmises that this detail was supplied by her subconscious to indicate the idea ‘foreign’, using an association that had recently been present in her mind. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Trefusis, Dorothy M.E. COINCIDENT DREAMS, Journal 31, 1940, pp. 161-2. Woman ?’ and woman ‘B’ simultaneously dream that woman ‘B’ is being murdered. spontaneous psi/dreams/telepathy/coincidences

Bishop, G.M. FOREKNOWLEDGE IN DREAMS, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 50-59. Prompted by the J.W. Dunne’s book An Experiment With Time, the writer starts to record her dreams, which she finds frequently coincide with letters or newspaper reports she sees the next day. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Sassoon, Mrs Siegfried. A HALLUCINATION INCLUDING A VERIDICAL ELEMENT, Journal33, 1945, p. 160. The wife of the poet Sassoon describes a dream vision of her husband, then on wartime service in North Africa, looking sunburnt and wearing a grey flannel suit which he was in fact wearing at the time. spontaneous psi/dreams/clairvoyance/coincidences

Anon. TELEPATHY IN DREAMS, Journal 33, 1946, pp. 230-32. 1) A dream of sparrows caught in a box is found to relate to an incident that occurred elsewhere at about the same time. 2) A dream of a volcano erupting in Italy coincides with the actual eruption of Vesuvius. 3) The dreamer’s husband, away on military manoevres, appears in a dream to be struck on the right thigh by ‘a green fiery object’ and is later found to have been accidentally struck by a phosphorous bomb. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition/clairvoyance/coincidences

Hodgson, Kenneth W. A CASE OF PREVISION, Journal 33, 1946, pp. 254-6. Dream visualisations of the date August 10, occurring during June 1940 and taking a form as would appear on a calendar, warn the writer that he may be vulnerable to injury or death on that date. An air raid takes place on that date but it is light and nothing transpires. However his fiancée cuts her leg in an air raid shelter on that date and nearly dies of tetanus. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Anon. CASE: PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 34, 1947, pp. 21-2. A woman dreams she entertains two German prisoners-of-war to tea, and the following day the event occurs exactly as she has foreseen it. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Anon. FORECASTS OF HORSE RACES, Journal 34, 1947, pp. 63-8. A man dreams he is reading the next days racing results and is able to identify the winners. He backs them and the horses win. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 124-5. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Anon. A CASE OF PREMONITION, Journal 34, 1947, pp. 69-70. A woman dreams she sees her son dead in his bath. She takes extra care, but two years later an accident occurs in which he becomes unconscious in the bath, with visual details corresponding to her dream (however he survives). spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition/coincidences

Campbell, H.R. A DREAM SUGGESTING PRECOGNITION, Journal 32, 1942, pp. 135-6. A dream in which the writer’s daughter gives the news of a TB relapse is followed by a scene that corresponds in important details. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Broad, C.D. AN APPARENTLY PRECOGNITIVE INCIDENT IN A DREAM SEQUENCE,Journal 33, 1944, pp. 88-90. Details in a dream concerning a potential accident in a moving train coincide closely with an actual incident that occurs two days later. spontaeneous psi/dreams/precognition

Anon. THREE APPARENTLY PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS, Journal 34, 1947, pp. 91-2. A doctor’s wife describes dreams apparently of future events, including the winner of the Derby horse race. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Anon. AN UNFULFILLED PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 34, 1947, p. 124. A horse dreamed of as a winner is backed but comes in seventh. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Thomas, H. Ballard. CASE: AN APPARENTLY PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 34, 1948, pp. 157. As a group meeting takes place the author realises that it corresponds closely to a previous dream. CORRESPONDENCE, p. 182. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Price, H.H. TWO PARALLEL DREAMS OF DEATH, AND THEIR SEQUELS, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 238-44. The author recounts two personal dreams of dying followed by experiences in which he felt as though he might be dying. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Anon. A PARANORMAL DREAM, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 339-41. A clergyman reports a dream which seems to foretell a train crash. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Anon. TWO ‘ARRIVAL’ CASES, Journal 36, 1951, pp. 467-72. Examples of dreams that appeared to be linked to future events. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Blundun, Jessie. A DREAM WITH APPARENT PARANORMAL ELEMENTS RELATING TO TWO SEPARATE BUT PARALLEL FUTURE EVENTS, Journal 37, 1953, pp. 90-95.Precognitive dream. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Heywood, Rosalind. AN APPARENTLY PARANORMAL DREAM, Journal 38, 1955, pp. 195-7. A man dreams he encounters a bulldog belonging to friends and places a penny on its head. The next day he visits the friends and mentions the dream. It transpires that two puppies in a recent litter have a round black mark on the top of their heads and are often referred to as the two ‘penny on the heads’. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

West, D.J. COMMENTS ON A NEW APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF PARANORMAL DREAMS, Journal 39, 1957, pp. 181-6. An Italian psychologist records details of a patient’s precognitive dreams for the benefit of investigators prior to their being fulfilled. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Green, Celia. ANALYSIS OF SPONTANEOUS CASES, Proceedings 53, 1960, pp. 97-161. A study of some 300 spontaneous cases containing enough detail to be worth analysis. Green describes how they were examined and the criteria used to determine their evidential value. Each is broken down into its constituent elements, such as age of percipient and the type of ESP represented, to determine what factors are reported most frequently. Actual cases are provided to illustrate the kind of material analysed. Green concludes that the study is primarily of value for its suggestiveness, and for hints about how to conduct further studies. Appendices provide figures and graphs, also a summary of cases. In one, a young office worker dreams that the sister of a co-worker appears to be distressed and notes next to her the date on his desk calendar, set to April 1. When that day comes, the girl concerned appears in the office, seeming to have been crying, as represented in the dream. It transpires that her sister has collapsed in a coma requiring a delicate operation on the brain. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/methodology/theory

Stephens, Ian. LINKED PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS OF A MURDER?, Journal 40, 1960, pp. 334-42. Two friends find they have both dreamed at the same time of bloodshed, in one case of murder, and that this has coincided with an actual murder nearby. spontaneous psi/dreams/telepathy/coincidence

Gay, Kathleen. A PRECOGNITIVE DREAM OF A BOMBED HOUSE, Journal 40, 1960, pp. 359-60. A woman records a dream which occurs on May 10, 1937, in which a friend’s house has been destroyed. Four years later on May 10 the house is destroyed in a bombing raid. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Salter, W.H., Heywood, R. & Green, C. 1959 REPORT ON ENQUIRY INTO SPONTANEOUS CASES, Proceedings 53, 1960-62, pp. 83-161. Cases of apparitions and waking and dream telepathy/clairvoyance/precognition are collected in a new survey and categorised. Two papers give the background to the research, beginning at the Society’s foundation with Phantasms of the Living and the Census of Hallucinations, and to the present study. Celia Green analyses the 300 reports (20%) of the total that provide sufficient detail, with classifications of percipients, conditions, types, veridicality, psychological or neurological interest, attitudes to the paranormal, motivation, situations, ESP themes, activity of percipient, etc. Appendices give the tables in full, also 29 of the reports of varying lengths, describing apparitions, premonitions of accident and death, precognition. spontaneous communication from the dead, out-of-body experience, etc. spontaneous psi/methodology/theory

Lambert, G.W. TWO SYNCHRONOUS DREAMS ABOUT A SHIPWRECK, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 193-8. A dream appearing to contain foreknowledge of a disaster at sea, and recorded by Frederic Myers in Human Personality, is discovered to be paralleled by a second instance of the same kind in relation to the same event. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams/coincidences

Hellstrom, Eva. PRECOGNITION OF GIRLS DANCING, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 252-4. A woman has a dream-vision of a ballroom where a crowd of teenagers are dancing. A few days later she is in a theatre watching a musical and sees the vision reproduced. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Lambert, G.W. & Zorab, G. THREE PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 20-24.An account of three possibly precognitive dreams. The first, by G.W. Lambert, is the record of a dream of a subway accident that was received by the Society the day before a similar accident occurred. The second by G. Zorab, recounts a detailed dream of a house that closely corresponded in appearance and situation to an actual house that the percipient’s mother would move into some five months later. The third, also by Zorab, concerns a statement made by a semi-comatose and mentally disturbed woman that was apparently fulfilled the next day. PsiLine CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 265-7. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Lambert, G.W. A DOG SAVED BY A DREAM, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 128-9. A Jack Russell disappears into a sandy burrow in pursuit of a fox. Attempts to dig it out fail. Following a dream in which the dog is revealed to be alive, but in a slightly different location to the one being searched, it is recovered. See also Proceedings 33, pp. 219-31. spontaneous psi/dreams/telepathy/animal psi

Tart, Charles T. A POSSIBLE ‘PSYCHIC’ DREAM, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 283-99. A couple who experimentally tape-recorded details of their dreams over a period of several weeks one morning discover that the same details seems to have occurred independently to both. The author explores possible reasons for the parallels, including ESP, a common life experience, sleep-talking, etc. spontaneous psi/dreams/telepathy/coincidences

Heywood, Rosalind. AN ARCHAEOLOGIST’S DREAM, Journal 42, 1964, p. 422. An archaeologist searches in vain for a published version of an article he wishes to refer to in his own work. He dreams that he is sitting next to the author at a dinner party, who tells him where he can find it. The next day he successfully locates it. Years later he meets the author, who uses the same words he heard him say in the dream. spontaneous psi/precogniton/dreams

Eiserman, Russell. ‘CASPER’ AND THE PROFESSOR’S JACKET, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 422-3. An academic dreams that a colleague is warned that he may not receive the Ph.D for which he is studying. Told of this, the colleague confirms that he has indeed received such a warning. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Lambert, G.W.   A PRECOGNITIVE DREAM ABOUT A WATERSPOUT, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 5-10. An account of a peculiar dream which is regarded as a possible forecast of an event that happened some two days later. None of the details of the dream could be verified as applying to the actual happening, save for the main features of a waterspout accompanied by torrential rain. Discusses the incident according to the criteria needed to establish a connection between an ostensibly precognitive dream and the event it allegedly foreshadows. PsiLine CORRESPONDENCE, p. 101, 157-9. spontaneous psi/precognition

Heywood, Rosalind. AN APPARENTLY TELEPATHIC DREAM, Journal 43, 1966, pp. 252-5.An account of a possibly telepathic dream in which a father, a sceptic regarding all things paranormal, dreamed that his eldest daughter was gasping and choking for air. The next day he learned from press reports that his daughter had been nearly drowned. To the investigator the man’s experience would not be evidential, for dreams are too frequent to be good evidence and he did not mention it before hearing of the corresponding event. But the author cites the case as an illustration of how many sceptics have had their attitudes modified by personal experiences which they would not credit if reported by another person. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Heywood, Rosalind. AN APPARENTLY PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 44, 1967, pp. 163-4. Account of a precognitive dream a woman had concerning the death of a colleague of her husband. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Barker, J.C. PREMONITIONS OF THE ABERFAN DISASTER, Journal 44, 1967, pp. 169-81.The Aberfan disaster - in which an avalanche of coal slid down a mountainside onto the Welsh mining village of Aberfan killing 144 persons, 128 of whom were schoolchildren - was such an unusual calamity that the author thought it would provide an excellent opportunity to investigate precognition. He appealed through the media for persons claiming any foreknowledge of the event to communicate with him and describe their experiences. Of the answers received, 35 contained sufficient detail to warrant analysis. These ranged from vague prognostications of doom involving dead or dying children to astonishingly accurate pictorial impressions of screaming children buried by an avalanche of coal in a Welsh mining village. In 21 of the cases there is evidence that the experience occurred before the percipient learned of the disaster normally. The author discusses the cases in the light of the several criteria necessary to establish a connection between a precognitive experience and a future event. Concludes that the evidence for precognition presented in this study is prima facie only, and recommends that a central registry for premonitions be established so that researchers will no longer have to wait until after the event. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/precognition

Bayless, Raymond. COINCIDENTAL DREAM AND OBSESSIVE THOUGHT, Journal 44, 1968, p. 267. Spontaneous case involving obsessive thoughts on the percipient’s part which turned out to coincide with the dreams of Cecil E. Smith involving the murder of an old woman and carrying her head around. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/dreams/coincidences

Zorab, George. EXCERPTUM: A PRECOGNITIVE DREAM IN CONNECTION WITH AN EXAMINATION QUESTION, Journal 45, 1969, pp. 146-7. Precognitive dream of an examination question. The experience was noted in the diary of the percipient, a well-known German historian F. Gregorovius (1821-1891). (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Wilkins, Aline. AN APPARENTLY PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 45, 1969, pp. 170-71.An account of an apparently precognitive dream in which a woman seemed to have the same experiences at the dentist that a friend would go through the following day. The dream was quite specific and detailed, including the order of events, what was said when the tooth was extracted, the position of the dental chair relative to the door, etc. The woman had never been to that dentist before. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Dodds, E.R. SUPERNORMAL PHENOMENA IN CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY, Proceedings 55, 1971, pp. 189-237. Presents examples of psi phenomena from the records of ancient Greece and Rome. Dodds includes instances of presumed telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, mediumship, and PK, illustrating both the culturally-determined differences between ancient and modern evidence and indications of an underlying identity of experience. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/telepathy/clairvoyance/precognition/psychokinesis

Heywood, Rosalind. AN APPARENTLY TELEPATHIC DREAM, Journal 46, 1971, pp. 208-9.A couple independently dream about the same thing on the same night. spontaneous psi/dreams/telepathy/coincidences

Beloff, John. A NOTE ON AN OSTENSIBLY PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 47, 1973, pp. 217-21. Presents evidence and analysis of a precognitive dream case. The case is not evidentially strong but is considered to have some interesting features. The dream report and subsequent evidence is reviewed. The subject’s dream contained the name of a dead man (unfamiliar to her) whose wife’s maiden name was her married name; the name of a disease the subject later contracted; and a character who might be interpreted to represent the subject’s doctor. Analysis showed that the dream representation reversed the disease with the man’s name, an example of a dream displacement. Coincidence is dismissed as not offering a satisfactory explanation. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Fraissard, Henri. [TELEPATHIC INCIDENT], Journal 49, 1977, pp. 559-60. A Frenchwoman escaping German-occupied France through the mountains into Spain is overcome by fear when coming close to a precipice and cries out. Her husband, thousands of miles away in Dakar, awakes from sleep hearing her voice and has a vision of the scene that is later found to correspond closely to the facts. spontaneous psi/telepathy

Nisbet, Brian C. AN OSTENSIBLE CASE OF PRECOGNITION, Journal 49, 1977, pp. 608-11. On 8th September 1975, Mrs. Lickiss, a qualified social worker, aged 50, of 3 Highfield, Sutton, Hull, North Humberside, wrote to the Society for Psychical Research describing a symbolic dream of the death of a man, a Mr. G, whom she had not seen for about 16 years. She had this dream on the night of 9th April 1975 and, on waking the following morning, told her husband. That morning she drove her car to visit a friend and during her drive was surprised to recognize the man of her dream driving another car. She told her friend, Mrs. F (who had known Mr. G) of her dream and of having seen Mr. Gin the car. Mrs. Lickiss then continued on her calls for the day. On returning home she found a message asking her to telephone Mrs. F. She did so and was told that Mr. G had apparently continued in his car to the centre of the town but, while stopping at some traffic lights, had had a heart attack and died there and then.(PsiLine) CORRESPONDENCE, p. 686. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Wadhams, Peter. A CASE OF PRECOGNITION?, Journal 49, 1978, pp. 763-4. A scientist dreams of being back on board a Canadian scientific ship, which he worked on seven years previously, and the following day receives a call inviting him on another expedition on the same ship. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Beloff, John. A NOTE ON A PUTATIVELY PRECOGNITIVE DISASTER DREAM, Journal 49, 1978, pp. 854-57. Beloff writes: The subject in this case is a Mrs. Kathleen Preston, a retired schoolteacher and amateur folklorist (author of Tales Of Old Kendal), who lives in Kendal, Westmorland. This lady has corresponded with me for many years and has often sent me accounts both of dreams which she thought might turn out to be precognitive and of miscellaneous ESP experiences within the family circle. I have also met her on one occasion in Edinburgh. Although her accounts were of some parapsychological interest, they were connected for the most part with the small change of everyday life, often with television programs viewed by the subject on the following day, and accordingly, there was little scope for obtaining independent confirmation of the facts even if it had been worth doing so. The present case, however, which relates to a well publicized disaster, is very different.(PsiLine) spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Wood-Trost, Lucille. POSSIBLE PRECOGNITION OF THE TETON DAM DISASTER IN IDAHO, Journal 51, 1981, pp. 65-74. Wood-Trost outlines an investigation into possible precognitions of the bursting of the Teton Dam in 1976 and subsequent flooding of a large area of Eastern Idaho. After a brief description of her method of collection, Wood-Trost summarizes 18 individual cases of varying types (dreams, intuitions, etc.), time of experience relative to event (from a few moments to a year), and varying detail (from vague premonition to dreams containing one or more specific and veridical details). The author discusses the demographics of her experiencers and the phenomenology of the cases as well as their relationship to similar cases collected in 1967 after the Aberfan disaster in Wales by J.C. Barker and to general characteristics of L.E. Rhine’s collection. She compares time lapses between experiences and events to current thinking on likely clustering of precognition relative to time of the event. In addition, she discusses possible normal explanations, among them subliminal awareness of clues pointing to the disaster and first or second-hand  technical knowledge of the dam’s construction and likelihood of failure. (PsiLine) spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Hearne, Keith M.T. AN OSTENSIBLE PRECOGNITION OF THE ACCIDENTAL SINKING OF H.M. SUBMARINE ARTEMIS IN 1971, Journal 51, 1982, pp. 283-7. Author’s abstract: An ostensible precognition of the accidental sinking in harbour of the submarine H.M.S. Artemis in 1971 is reported. A fortnight before the incident, the female percipient (then aged 17) had met some of the crew at a dance when the vessel visited Grimsby, and had become friendly with one submariner. She had a dream a week before the incident in which she saw the submarine sink, in harbour. In the dream, she ‘knew’ that three men were trapped inside, that two of them were men she had met, and that two of the men would die. The percipient related the dream to several persons over the next few days. On July 1, 1971 the submarine did sink in Gosport harbour, and three men were trapped inside for 101/2 hours. There were no fatalities though. The percipient knew two of the trapped men, but they were not the two she had named. Personality and background information about the percipient is given for use in future comparative studies. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Hearne, Keith M.T. THREE CASES OF OSTENSIBLE PRECOGNITION FROM A SINGLE PERCIPIENT: 1. SADAT ASSASSINATION. 2. REAGAN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT. 3. S.S. ACHILLE LAURO INCIDENT, Journal 51, 1982, pp. 288-91. Author’s abstract: Three seemingly premonitory dreams reported by a female percipient were investigated. Two sisters and a friend provided confirmation of the dream accounts and their occurrence before the actual events. A dream of an assassination in a Middle East country was remarkably similar to the killing of President Sadat of Egypt, three weeks later. Another dream described the shooting of a ‘pockmarked actor,’ while getting out of a car, by a ‘German S.S. man.’ President Reagan (former actor) was shot by John W. Hinckley (former member of a neo-Nazi group) three weeks later. In another dream three weeks before the fire on board the liner Achille Lauro, the percipient saw two coffins on that ship. Two passengers died in the fire and another was lost overboard. Aspects of the ostensible precognitions are discussed. Personality and background information about the percipient is provided. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Haynes, Renée. [HALLEY’S PRECOGNITION], Journal 52, 1983, p. 153. The 17th century Astronomer Royal describes how a dream showed him a representation of the Island of St Helena, which he discovered to be ‘perfect’ when he later travelled there. spontaneous psi/dreams/clairvoyance

Hearne, Keith M.T. AN OSTENSIBLE PRECOGNITION USING A ‘DREAM-MACHINE’,Journal 53, 1985, p. 38. Illustrated. Author’s abstract: A case is reported of an ostensible precognitive dream occurring to a female subject while using a portable bedside ‘dream machine’ invented by the author. The device was used in a mode whereby the subject was automatically woken by an audible alarm when her respiratory rate reached a pre-set level. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Anon. CORRESPONDENCE: A TRIPLE DEATH OMEN WHICH CAME TRUE, Journal 53, 1985, pp. 120-21. A dream in which a dog is bitten to death by a German Shepherd is fulfilled in detail. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Rogo, D. Scott. AN ANALYSIS OF A PRECOGNITIVE DREAM, Journal 53, 1986, pp. 391-3.A parapsychologist analyses his own seemingly precognitive dream, finding that it confirms the view of psychoanalyst and parapsychologist Jule Eisenbud that ‘precognitive dreams are pregnant with underlying psychodynamic meanings even when they appear to be rather trivial’. spontaneous psi/dreams/precognition

Pablos, Fernando de. SPONTANEOUS PRECOGNITION DURING DREAMS: ANALYSIS OF A ONE-YEAR NATURALISTIC STUDY, Journal 62, 1998, pp. 423-34. Author’s abstract: The author has undertaken an analysis of his own dreams in order to discover spontaneous precognition. The dreams occurring during the calendar years January-December 1996 were investigated. A total of 223 dreams were registered during that period. Out of these, 23 dreams were considered precognitive by explicit criteria previously determined. Brief reports of the dreams and of the precognized events are given. Out of the 23 dreams, in 14 (60.80%) the precognized event occurred within 24 hours after the dream, in 5 (21.74%) the precognized event occurred within two weeks after the dream and in 4 (17.34%) the precognized event occurred within two and a half months after the dream. An analysis of the phenomenological characteristics of precognitive dreams allows us to classify them into two broad categories: realistic and analogical/realistic. A particular emphasis was made in analysing the phenomenological and psychological characteristics of precognized events. Most precognized events were unexpected, sudden and anxiety-provoking events which tend to disrupt the attentional process in the subject. Roughly half of precognized events were under volitional control of other people and the other half could be explained by chance occurrence. We found no case of a precognized event under the possible volitional control of the subject. spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams