Mediums & Psychics

Amyr Amiden is a Brazilian physical medium known for the appearance near him of ‘apports’ (psychically-materialized objects), sometimes on request. The phenomenon was investigated in 1994 by American researcher Stanley Krippner

Brazilian mediumistic healer (1918-1971) celebrated for an apparent ability to make instant diagnoses, prescribe unusual but effective medications, and even to perform surgery without anesthetic, while possessed by ‘spirit doctors’ in a trance state.

Charles Bailey (1870-1947) was an Australian medium known for an ability to produce ‘apports’ of great variety. Investigations provide some support for his genuineness, but he was also often caught in dubious circumstances.

Marthe Béraud (1886-?), also known as Eva Carriere, was a French materialization medium, the subject of controversial investigations by European psychical researchers over two decades from 1905.

English-born Malcolm Bessent (1944-1997) participated as a subject in successful dream precognition experiments carried out in the US.

Describes séance phenomena – psychokinetic movements, levitation, communication via automatic writing and healing – experienced by a group of American teenage boys during sittings held weekly between 1929 and 1933.

In mediumship research, a ‘book test’ is an experimental method that shows knowledge of book contents that neither medium nor sitter could be expected to know. A variation is the ‘newspaper test...

Wilhelm TenhaeffTwentieth-century British medium who specialized in musical compositions. Over two decades, Brown produced several hundred, mainly classical pieces that she said were dictated to her by a deceased composers. 

Describes successful efforts in the 1930s by Hamlin Garland, a celebrated American author, to discover buried Aztec Indian relics from information provided by a spirit medium. 

American psychic (1877-1945) famous for trance readings in which he diagnosed the cause of medical symptoms and prescribed effective remedies.