Amyr Amiden is a Brazilian physical medium known for the appearance near him of ‘apports’ (psychically-materialized objects), sometimes on request. The phenomenon was investigated in 1994 by American researcher Stanley Krippner

Overview of the history and relative contributions in the field of psi research by labs and individuals in Australia, Japan, China and India

British psychologist (1921-1988) who during the 1960s and 1970s carried out groundbreaking experiments in macro-psychokinesis (PK), based on the nineteenth century activity of ‘table tipping’. 

This article describes some recent experimental and theoretical work in China, including successful attempts to train ESP abilities in blind children. It has been contributed by Professor Yi-Fang Chang, a physicist at China’s Yumman University.

Since the 1980s, experimental parapsychologists have studied distant mental interactions with living systems (DMILS), both humans and small animals. This article looks at the uses of the method in distant healing research.

Overview of the attempts by scientists and scholars to apply experimental methods to claims of psychic experiences, from 19th-century séances to the use of statistics in present day laboratory experiments.

Parapsychologists have been developing new methods of testing for psi, including double-slit optical systems, mobile apps and mass online testing.   

Parapsychologists have come to believe that experimenters play a major role in influencing the outcome of psi experiments. 


Argentinian factory worker and martial arts teacher who took part in recent successful recent psychokinesis experiments. 

Clinical psychologist and author based at the Monroe Institute, noted for psychokinesis training programs carried out over two decades in Las Vegas casinos.