Organizations & Publications

The oldest parapsychological organization in the United States, founded in 1884, now practically defunct. 

In 1977, the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Incorporated (AIPR) was established in Sydney, New South Wales....

The BIAL Foundation was created in 1994 by BIAL Pharmaceuticals with a mission to ‘foster the scientific study of the human being from both the physical and spiritual perspectives’. It funds...

American psi research unit based at the University of Virginia, the oldest and most productive university-based group in the world devoted exclusively to the study of parapsychological phenomena.

British parapsychological research group, the largest of its kind, based at the University of Northampton. Current topics include after-death experiences, altered states of consciousness, and mediumship.

Laboratory based in the University of Munich which has carried out psi research, including successful replications of Daryl Bem’s retroactive facilitation experiments.

Overview of activity in the field of (mainly experimental) parapsychology across continental Europe. 

California-based research institute investigating the relationship between heart and mind.

The IMI has been France's main private society for psi research since 1919, and has made important contributions in the fields of ESP and mediumship research.

American non-profit research institute co-founded in 1973 by astronaut Edgar Mitchell to investigate human potential and noetic experiences using the tools and techniques of science.