Psi Healing

Brazilian mediumistic healer (1918–1971) celebrated for an apparent ability to make instant diagnoses, prescribe unusual but effective medications, and even to perform surgery without anesthetic, while possessed by ‘spirit doctors’ in a trance state.

William Bengston (b 1950) is an American sociology professor and practitioner of ‘energy healing’ who has described numerous successful healings of cancer and other serious diseases, and also successful laboratory experiments with mice.

Describes séance phenomena – psychokinetic movements, levitation, communication via automatic writing and healing – experienced by a group of American teenage boys during sittings held weekly between 1929 and 1933.

American psychic (1877-1945) famous for trance readings in which he diagnosed the cause of medical symptoms and prescribed effective remedies.

Russian woman who claims the ability to view inside human bodies and correctly diagnose diseases, and has a busy practice in her home country. She submitted to scientific tests in the US and Japan, with mixed results.

Since the 1980s, experimental parapsychologists have studied distant mental interactions with living systems (DMILS), both humans and small animals. This article looks at the uses of the method in distant healing research.

Dream incubation is the modern term applied to dreaming for purposes of problem solving, healing and divination, a common practice in ancient times.

Celebrated British spiritual healer of the mid-twentieth century, who engaged in vigorous controversy with religious and medical critics.

George Chapman (1921-2006) was a British trance medium reputed to channel the spirit of William Lang (1852-1937), an ophthalmic surgeon. The partnership is said to have brought about numerous healings.

Canadian biologist and cancer researcher (1920-2010) who pioneered laboratory studies of ‘laying-on-of-hands’ or spiritual healing.