Possession & Past Lives

Past life memories are typically experienced by very young children. However, sometimes they occur with adults, and are likewise sometimes found to match exactly with real people and events.

Dreams related to pregnancy which, in reincarnation cases, allow parents to infer the past-life identities of their unborn children. 


This case of  a past life of a sixteenth century Spanish woman, recovered through hypnotic regression, is especially rich in accurate historical detail.

In addition to recalling events from previous lives, subjects of reincarnation cases may act like the people whose lives they remember. These ‘behavioural memories’ may extend to skills, such as those displayed by child prodigies.

Birthmarks and birth defects have been noted on the bodies of children who remembered a previous life, in positions that correspond to the injuries that caused that person's death. Some two hundred cases have been documented. 

Early twentieth-century Indian reincarnation case in which a written record was made of the child's memories before any attempt was made to verify them.

Case from Thailand of a boy who, as an infant, began talking of memories of a previous life as a boy from a farming family who was murdered at age eighteen.

Partial list of cases of very young children who spoke of having lived a previous life, with brief summaries, some of which link to more detailed accounts. 

English author whose books describe her memories of previous lives, some of which she eventually traced to real individuals and events.

Analysis of the celebrated Thompson-Gifford case of ostensible possession, examining its value as evidence of survival.