Possession & Past Lives

Sri Lankan reincarnation case of a boy who recalled being an alcoholic bootlegger of arrack, whose personality and characteristic behaviours he displayed as a toddler.

Lebanese reincarnation case from the 1960s in which the child experienced most of his memories of the previous life between the ages of eleven and thirteen, not as an infant, as is more typical.

Highly unusual Indian case of a woman who appeared to die and then revived, but having lost all awareness of her former personality, and instead showing the knowledge, literacy, behaviours and personality traits of a recently-deceased woman.

Indian case of a boy who remembered details of a previous life as a wealthy businessman in Budaun, in the north of India.

Indian reincarnation case in which the past life was identified after the child's statements were published in a newspaper. 

Indian child reincarnation case that was investigated independently three times, with the first investigator making a written record of the child's statements before identifying the person she remembered having been.

Indian reincarnation case of a girl who remembered many facts and people from the previous life, and who could perform dances accompanied by songs in a language she had never learned.

Nineteenth century case of a New York jeweller who found himself spontaneously driven to produce high quality paintings in the style of a recently deceased landscape painter, despite a lack of artistic skill.

Thusita Silva recalled a life in a town far from where she lived in Sri Lanka, that ended by drowning when she fell off a footbridge. Thusita’s statements about her previous life were recorded in writing by Erlendur Haraldsson and his associates before they attempted to verify the details.

Case study of an Indian boy who remembered a brief past life as a violent criminal, a possible example of replacement reincarnation, in which the previous person’s death follows the start of the new pregnancy or the birth.