Possession & Past Lives

This is a well-verified case of the relatively uncommon ‘replacement reincarnation’ type, in which a child appears to die, then revives with a totally different personality and starts to speak of a previous life.

Reincarnation case in which an English woman, Jenny Cockell, recalled memories of the life of a working class Irish woman named Mary Sutton in the early twentieth century. 

Well-documented case of the reincarnation type in nineteenth century Japan, the subject of three separate contemporary investigations. 

Reincarnation case of a Turkish boy whose memories of having been an Armenian man residing in Istanbul were written down by a researcher before being verified. 

Indian case of the young daughter of educated parents who remembered a previous life as the wife of a Muslim blacksmith.

Case study of a Burmese girl whose statements and behaviours suggested she was remembering the life of a Japanese soldier stationed in her country during World War II. 

Reincarnation case notable for being reported from South India (most are in the north of the country).

Brazilian reincarnation case in which a child recalled the life of a person who committed suicide, having pledged to return as the daughter of a close friend, who was in fact the child’s mother.

Describes how 'spirit mediumship' and 'spirit possession' overlap, especially as experienced in non-Western contexts.

Canadian anthropologist and reincarnation researcher, who specializes in reincarnation beliefs and experiences of indigenous peoples of the north-west region of North America.