Possession & Past Lives

Some children who recall a previous life also recall events from the intermission period between death and rebirth. These memories show clear signs of cultural influence, but there are also important cross-cultural consistencies. 

In this 1960s case two Turkish children remembered past lives as a married couple who had been murdered on the same night along with two of their children.

Case study of an Indian boy who remembered a previous life as the pampered son of a corrupt Brahmin official in a distant city.

American child reincarnation case, in which an infant's statements about a past life as World War II pilot were found to match closely with the life and circumstances of a pilot killed at Iwo Jima in March 1945.

This is a well-verified case of the relatively uncommon ‘replacement reincarnation’ type, in which a child appears to die, then revives with a totally different personality and starts to speak of a previous life.

Indian case of the young daughter of educated parents who remembered a previous life as the wife of a Muslim blacksmith.

Case study of a Burmese girl whose statements and behaviours suggested she was remembering the life of a Japanese soldier stationed in her country during World War II. 

Brazilian reincarnation case in which a child recalled the life of a person who committed suicide, having pledged to return as the daughter of a close friend, who was in fact the child’s mother.

Reincarnation case in which an English woman, Jenny Cockell, recalled memories of the life of a working class Irish woman named Mary Sutton in the early twentieth century. 

Describes how 'spirit mediumship' and 'spirit possession' overlap, especially as experienced in non-Western contexts.