Possession & Past Lives

Claims by people remembering the past lives of famous people are treated with caution by reincarnation researchers, but verification of details has been possible in a few cases. 

The first reincarnation case to be investigated in Sri Lanka, also notable for the child’s statements about a previous life having been written down before attempts were made to trace it.

Case of responsive xenoglossy, in which an American woman was regressed under hypnosis to a past life as a ninteenth-century German woman, and spoke German, a language which she had never learned. 

This  Lebanese case of a child's past life memories was one of the earliest investigated by Ian Stevenson, and also one of the most complex, arousing controversy.

In some reincarnation cases the subject has apparently reincarnated into a different culture, religion or ethnic group but continues to exhibit behaviours and characteristics typical of the former life. 

Some children who recall a previous life also recall events from the intermission period between death and rebirth. These memories show clear signs of cultural influence, but there are also important cross-cultural consistencies. 

In this 1960s case, investigated by Ian Stevenson and two assisting researchers, two Turkish children remembered past lives as a married couple who, along with two of their five children, had been...

Case study of an Indian boy who remembered a previous life as the pampered son of a corrupt Brahmin official in a distant city.

American child reincarnation case, in which an infant's statements about a past life as World War II pilot were found to match closely with the life and circumstances of a pilot killed at Iwo Jima in March 1945.

This is a well-verified case of the relatively uncommon ‘replacement reincarnation’ type, in which a child appears to die, then revives with a totally different personality and starts to speak of a previous life.