Scientists & Researchers

Damon Abraham uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques to examine the interplay between psi and technology.

Canadian psychology professor, author, amateur magician and career psi-skeptic, fellow and member of the Executive Council for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI, formerly CSICOP).

Researcher, author and educator (1955–2021) in the field of parapsychology, whose writings focused in particular on the history of early psychical research and spontaneous anomalous experiences.

Margaret L Anderson (1920–1986) was a parapsychologist and professor of education at the University of Pittsburgh. She worked with Rhea White on testing children for ESP.

Cleve Backster (1924–2013), a polygraph expert, carried out experiments which he claimed showed a degree of conscious awareness in plants. 

Ian Baker is a psychologist at the University of Derby who has carried out ESP research.  

Tory politician and philosopher (1848-1930) with an interest in psychical research, associated in particular with the Palm Sunday case, a notable mediumship episode.

American experimental physicist who carries out psi-research at the Institut Métapsychique International in Paris.

English journalist and author (1911-2004), founder of the BBC news programme Panorama, whose books included several on psi-related topics.

Allan Barham (1912-1989), an Anglican vicar, wrote and lectured extensively about psi phenomena, as well as taking part in psychokinesis experiments.