Scientists & Researchers

Dean Radin is an American scientist known for innovative experiments in the study of consciousness and psi phenomena, and for his accessible books about parapsychology, such as The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds.

Joseph Banks Rhine (1895-1980) is considered the founder of modern parapsychology. An American botanist-turned-psychologist, he was the first to systematically apply experimental investigations in the field of psychical research. 

American parapsychologist and partner of JB Rhine (1891-1983), created a large collection of spontaneous cases which she discussed and analysed in several books.

Charles Richet (1850-1935) was a French physiologist and Nobel prizewinner who made notable contributions to the study of psychical research.

British psychology professsor and psi researcher, investigating the nature of anaomalous experiences, the psychology of belief and self-deception. He is current president of the Society for Psychical Research.

Author, musician and paranormal researcher (1950-1990) who became a public figurehead for parapsychology through his many writings, lectures, and radio and television appearances.

Gary Schwartz is a psychology professor at the University of Arizona who has engaged in mediumship and psi healing research. He is the author of The Afterlife Experiments (2002).

American consciousness researcher, future trends analyst and author.  His experimental research focuses on remote viewing, which he has used to make significant discoveries in the field of archaeology.  

Profile of the pioneering biologist known for his theory of 'morphic resonance' and innovative experiments on telepathic capabilities of humans and animals. 

A significant figure in the early Society for Psychical Research (1845-1936), wife of Henry Sidgwick, its first president.