Scientists & Researchers

Swedish researcher who has studied anomalous connections between twins. He is author of Conscious Connections (2010), a book linking parapsychology with holistic biology.

Dani Caputi is an American atomospheric science researcher who has investigated consciousness-related effects in micro-meteorological processes.

Mexican-born psychologist based at Sweden's Lund University, a leading psi advocate in mainstream media, with research interests in conciousness, dissociation and altered states.

British psychical researcher (1892-1947) who pioneered the use of quantitative methods based on word association tests in the investigation of mediumship.

American clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and parapsychologist, best-known for his innovative First Sight Theory, which posits that psi phenomena are integral to normal perception and action.

German-born author and researcher (1920-2003) with wide interests in psychical research.  

British psychologist who carries out research in parapsychology and thanatology, and in media appearances promotes critical thinking in science.

Investigator associated with the Society for Psychical Research (1923-2010) who authored reports on poltergeist and haunting cases, some in collaboration with fellow parapsychologist Alan Gauld.

British scientist who carried out controversial experiments with Daniel Home and other mediums in the 1870s. His claim to have discovered a new ‘psychic force’ was  contested by other scientists, but his reports continue to be widely discussed.

Nobel prize-winning French physicist (1859-1906) who in the years before his untimely death in a traffic accident became enthusiastic about the phenomena he witnessed in the seance room.