Scientists & Researchers

American parapsychologist who has specialized in cognitive aspects of ESP and its evolutionary development. His 1991 book Parapsychology: The Controversial Science is a classic introduction to the subject. 

Swedish researcher who has studied anomalous connections between twins. He is author of Conscious Connections (2010), a book linking parapsychology with holistic biology.

Dani Caputi is an American atomospheric science researcher who has investigated consciousness-related effects in micro-meteorological processes.

Mexican-born psychologist based at Sweden's Lund University, a leading psi advocate in mainstream media, with research interests in conciousness, dissociation and altered states.

British psychical researcher (1892-1947) who pioneered the use of quantitative methods based on word association tests in the investigation of mediumship.

American clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and parapsychologist, best-known for his innovative First Sight Theory, which posits that psi phenomena are integral to normal perception and action.

Cosmologist and author, and a former president of the Society for Psychical Research. Carr's research interests centre on a theory of physics capable of accommodating psi phenomena.

British-born psychical researcher and author (1880-1958) resident in the USA, noted in particular for his participation in a landmark investigation of the physical medium Eusapia Palladino. 

German-born author and researcher (1920-2003) with wide interests in psychical research.  

Arthur Chattock (1860-1934) was a British physicist who carried out telepathy experiments, now of mainly historical interest.