Scientists & Researchers

William Crawford (1881-1920), a college lecturer in mechanical engineering, is known for his investigation of paranormal phenomena produced by a Spiritualist circle in Belfast.

English geologist (1890-1981) who published collections of out-of-body experiences as evidence of ‘astral projection’ and postmortem survival.

British scientist who carried out controversial experiments with Daniel Home and other mediums in the 1870s. His claim to have discovered a new ‘psychic force’ was  contested by other scientists, but his reports continue to be widely discussed.

Nobel prize-winning French physicist (1859–1906) who in the years before his untimely death in a traffic accident became enthusiastic about the phenomena he witnessed in the seance room. 

Moritz Dechamps is a German researcher investigating quantum effects in the context of micro-psychokinesis experiments.  

British psychologist and parapsychologist who has conducted research in ESP and direct mental interaction with living systems (DMILS).  

German philosopher and psychologist (1867-1947) credited with originating the term ‘parapsychology’. During his early career he experimented successfully with telepathy, but later became a vocal sceptic.

British author and psi investigator (1890-1986), noted for a robustly critical approach that often brought him into conflict with colleagues. 

Rosemary Dinnage (1928-2015), a journalist and author, was named by The Observer in 2011 as one of Britain's top 300 intellectuals. Dinnage had an active in interest in parapsychology...

Oxford classics professor (1893-1979), an authority on supernatural beliefs in antiquity. His 1934 paper ‘Why I Do Not Believe in Survival’ has been frequently cited.