Scientists & Researchers

British psychologist and prominent psi sceptic working at Goldsmiths, University of London. French frequently appears in the media as a critic of psychic claims, but has also carried out laboratory psi research.

American critic of parapsychology and paranormal claims (1914-2010), considered to have been a founding member of the modern sceptical movement. 

Hamlin Garland (1860-1940) was an American writer and psychical researcher, noted for his investigation of the Buried Crosses episode.

British psychologist, well-known in the psi research community for his investigations and commentary, notably in the areas of poltergeists, mediumship and the early history of psychical research.

French investigator of mediums (1865-1924) remembered for his controversial attempts to provide proof of ectoplasm in the form of plaster moulds. 

Mostyn Gilbert (1924-1992) was an American historian, living mostly in England, who pursued interests in physical mediumship and survival phenomena.

Seventeenth century clergyman (1636-1680) and member of the Royal Society, one of the first intellectuals to take a scientific interest in paranormal claims.

Jacob Glazier is a transdisciplinary researcher based at the University of West Georgia. His scholarship includes critical theory and parapsychology.

British psychical researcher (1895-1992) noted for contributions to the critical literature on hauntings and physical mediumship.

British philosopher and psychologist (b 1935) who has published extensively on lucid dreams, ESP and the out-of-body experience.