Scientists & Researchers

Professor of applied mathematics at Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid, whose research has included remote viewing and aspects of paranormal belief.

British author (1929-2011) of books on hauntings, UFOs and Fortean phenomena, co-founder of ASSAP and of the Mary Evans Picture Library.

French psychologist with a particular interest in the clinical, historical and theoretical aspects of parapsychology.

Letitia Fairfield (1885-1978) was a pioneering medical doctor, lawyer and women’s rights campaigner, with an interest in parapsychology.

Retired American clinical psychologist, daughter of JB Rhine and Louisa Rhine, who carried out psi experiments at the Rhine Research Center in the 1960s. 

English barrister, psychical researcher and minor aristocrat (1867-1936), author of a 1909 report on Eusapia Palladino that is frequently cited as evidence of  physical seance phenomena. 

British neuropsychiatrist, neurophysiologist and parapsychologist, a leading authority on near-death experiences and related phenomena. 

British-born journalist and author of books on paranormal subjects (1947-2001). In his 1991 book Hungry Ghosts he described certain disillusioning experiences with mediumistic channelling.  

GW Fisk (1882-1972) was a British experimental parapsychologist who made a notable contribution to ESP research.  

French astronomer and psychical researcher (1842-1925), notable for his writings on mediumship and psychic phenomena, including case collections.