Scientists & Researchers

English writer (1880-1943), author of the bestselling lesbian novel The Well of Loneliness, known in psychical research for her detailed 1920 report of sittings with the medium Gladys Leonard.

English chartered surveyor and amateur conjuror (1910-1991), author of controversial books attacking deceased psychics and researchers.

Icelandic academic psychologist and psi researcher (1931-2020), who published extensively on topics such as past life memories and survival encounters.

English historian and psychical researcher (1906-1994) who wrote extensively about psi phenomena and coined the colloquial term ‘boggle threshold’.

British parapsychologist (1912-91) who investigated what he believed to be the electrical origins of paranormal phenomena.

Englishwoman (1895-1980) who wrote a memoir describing her frequent psychic experiences, often in relation to healing and family matters.

J Arthur Hill (1872-1951) was an English author of books on psychical research and spiritualism.  

Brazilian philosopher and psychologist with research interests in parapsychology, in particular ganzfeld ESP and collective influence on random number generators.

British psychologist and parapsychologist based at the University of Northampton. His research has focused on implicit precognition, morphic fields and the use of floatation tanks to induce psi-conducive states. 

Australian-born psychical researcher, noted both for his strong scepticism of physical (séance) mediums, and for his more sympathetic later work with the mental (clairvoyant) medium Leonora Piper.