Scientists & Researchers

French physician and parapsychologist (1921-2008) noted for his study of the various altered states of consciousness that occur between life and death.

American psychologist and parapsychologist (1920-2020), the author of numerous books and articles on paranormal topics.

Prominent English banker, classical scholar and psychical researcher (1852-1927),  who contributed to the study of the spirit medium Leonora Piper.

British physicist (1851-1940) remembered for his pioneering early work in electricity and radio, who became an active investigator of mental mediumship and published books endorsing a belief in survival of death. 

Influential Italian criminologist, doctor and psychiatrist (1835-1909) who engaged in psychical research and endorsed the Italian medium Eusapia Palladino. 

German physicist who has developed a theory of psi based on quantum mechanics.  

Psychologist and psi researcher focusing in particular on the effects of psychoactive substances.

British playwright and social activist (1865-1948) who became involved with psychical research and practised automatic writing

Brazilian psychologist with a special interest in poltergeist phenomena and the psychological and psychosocial implications for experiencers of psychic phenomena.

New Zealand-born journalist and novelist (1911–2001) who also wrote and reviewed books about psychical research.