Scientists & Researchers

American psychologist and parapsychologist, known for research in dream ESP, altered states of consciousness and shamanism.

Executive director of the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina. His research interests include bioenergy in healing and the application of psi technologies.

British senior civil servant (1889–1983) who wrote research articles on mediumship, poltergeists and other topics.

Writer in the fields of folklore and anthropology (1844-1912) who noted parallels between psi phenomena such as poltergeists and clairvoyance with similar reports from historical times and in diverse cultures.

French physician and parapsychologist (1921-2008) noted for his study of the various altered states of consciousness that occur between life and death.

American psychologist and parapsychologist (1920-2020), the author of numerous books and articles on paranormal topics.

Prominent English banker, classical scholar and psychical researcher (1852-1927),  who contributed to the study of the spirit medium Leonora Piper.

British physicist (1851-1940) remembered for his pioneering early work in electricity and radio, who became an active investigator of mental mediumship and published books endorsing a belief in survival of death. 

Influential Italian criminologist, doctor and psychiatrist (1835-1909) who engaged in psychical research and endorsed the Italian medium Eusapia Palladino. 

German physicist who has developed a theory of psi based on quantum mechanics.