Out-of-Body & Near Death Experiences

AWARE is a large-scale study carried out between 2008 and 2015 in an attempt to draw veridical information from hospital patients who reported having had a near-death experience. The project was...

Best-selling American book about the near-death experience of a six year old child, withdrawn ten years later when he said the account was untrue. 


Early description of deathbed psychic phenomena published in 1923 by a prominent Italian researcher. This article cites some of the experiences that the book contains, and describes Bozzano's ideas.

The benefactor whose bequest financed the creation of the Psi Encyclopedia describes the mystical vision that first engaged his interest in psi research. 

Describes research into the phenomenon of deathbed visions by psi investigators Karlis Osis and Erlendur Haraldsson.

Although most reported near-death experiences (NDEs) are pleasant and even rapturous, almost one in five may be disturbing or terrifying.

Describes early‘projection’ theories relating to the out-of-body experience, suggesting that consciousness can function outside of the physical body and may be evidence of postmortem survival.

Recent near-death experience of an American neurosurgeon that occurred during a serious illness caused by bacterial meningitis. 

Accounts of visionary episodes are found in European late-medieval literature that bear striking similiarities to modern near-death experiences (NDEs), as well as marked differences. 

American entrepreneur (1915–1995), adept in out-of-body experiences and founder of The Monroe Institute, which offers training in the use of his Hemi-Sync technology to explore consciousness.