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Billionaire American businessman (b 1945), whose foundation, the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS), is currently funding research on post-mortem survival.

Looks at reincarnation cases where the intermission between lives is less than nine months, discussing when reincarnation occurs and whether such cases are better classified as possession.

A successful long-distance telepathy experiment was carried out over a five month period in 1938, between an explorer travelling in the Arctic and a psychical researcher based in New York. 

German-born physician and psychical researcher (1855-1942) who lived and worked for most of his life in Mexico. He is remembered mainly for experiments and theories concerning psychometry.

British-born journalist and author of books on paranormal subjects (1947-2001). In his 1991 book Hungry Ghosts he described certain disillusioning experiences with mediumistic channelling.