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Francis Bacon (1561-1626), a pioneer of science, was widely believed to have been sceptical of psychic phenomena. In fact he believed some were real, but opposed their investigation on theological grounds. 

Well-documented case of the reincarnation type in nineteenth century Japan, the subject of three separate contemporary investigations. 

Researcher, author and educator (1955–2021) in the field of parapsychology, whose writings focused in particular on the history of early psychical research and spontaneous anomalous experiences.

Russian woman (1926–1990) whose apparent ability to move objects by psychokinesis was investigated by parapsychologists from the 1960s. Claims of fraud were never substantiated. 

German-Australian parapsychologist and psychologist, whose research into psychokinesis, ESP, and child reincarnation cases has been characterized by rigorous methodology and cautious theoretical positions.