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British woman who as a small child exhibited an obssession with ancient Egypt suggestive of a past life influence, and who became a respected Egyptologist. A possible case of replacement reincarnation.  
Reviews the development of regression techniques in hypnotherapy, in which apparent past life memories are treated less as descriptions of true events than as metaphorical stories that assist with healing.  
American psychiatrist and parapsychologist (1916-2008) who in landmark 1960s experiments demonstrated ESP occurring in the dream state.
American women who as children were at the centre of poltergeist-type disturbances in 1848 and became progenitors of the Spiritualist movement. Their later claim to have faked their 'rapping' phenomena remains controversial. 
Robert Jahn was a plasma physicist who made notable contributions to the science of rocket propulsion and founded  the PEAR anomalies research laboratory, specializing in the study of mind-machine interaction.