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Study on mediumship by an Italian psychiatrist and psychical researcher (1852-1929), focusing in particular on Eusapia Palladino, with the emphasis on clinical and psychological aspects. 
Charles Bailey (1870-1947) was an Australian medium known for an ability to produce ‘apports’ of great variety. Investigations provide some support for his genuineness, but he was also often caught in dubious circumstances.
Amyr Amiden is a Brazilian physical medium known for the appearance near him of ‘apports’ (psychically-materialized objects), sometimes on request. The phenomenon was investigated in 1994 by American researcher Stanley Krippner
British scientist who carried out controversial experiments with Daniel Home and other mediums in the 1870s. His claim to have discovered a new ‘psychic force’ was  contested by other scientists, but his reports continue to be widely discussed.
Russian woman who claims the ability to view inside human bodies and correctly diagnose diseases, and who submitted to scientific tests in the US and Japan, with mixed results.