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In Mental Radio (1930), American writer Upton Sinclair described telepathy experiments he carried out with his wife Craig, in which she successfully reproduced drawings made by him and unseen by her.
American consciousness researcher, future trends analyst and author.  His experimental research focuses on remote viewing, which he has used to make significant discoveries in the field of archaeology.  
Swedish engineer, scientist, theologian, philosopher, seer and psychic (1688-1772), best known as a reporter of encounters with deceased spirits and as a re-interpreter of Biblical texts, the foundation of a New Church.
Describes early‘projection’ theories relating to the out-of-body experience, suggesting that consciousness can function outside of the physical body and may be evidence of postmortem survival.
American-Canadian psychology professor and psi experimenter (1945-2018) noted for his ‘god helmet’, a device he claimed could induce paranormal-seeming experiences in the wearer by means of a weak magnetic field.