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Recent Additions

Dutch psychologist and parapsychologist, with a  background in molecular physics. His experimental psi research has included work on ESP and presentiment effects. He has also experimented on the role of consciousness in quantum collapse.

Argentinian psychologist, psychotherapist and parapsychologist, whose research has covered telepathy, mirror gazing, hypnosis and premonitions. He is author of The Last Farewell Embrace: Paranormal Experiences Among Nurses (2019).

British psychologist and parapsychologist who has conducted research in ESP and  DMILS (direct mental interaction with living systems).  

American experimental psychologist and parapsychologist, noted for her ‘sheep-goat’ theory that experimental subjects’ ESP ability relates to their belief or otherwise in the reality of psychic phenomena.

American clinical psychologist, parapsychologist and broadcaster, who as host of New Thinking Allowed  has interviewed hundreds of experts on topics relating to scientific research, consciousness and spirituality.