Out-of-Body & Near Death Experiences

The term ‘near-death experience’ describes the cluster of anomalous mental events sometimes reported by people who have survived a potentially fatal accident or illness. 

List of near-death experiences in which paranormal aspects, including the experiencers' detailed knowledge of scenes and events in the environment of their comatose body, was confirmed by others.   

The out-of-body experience (OBE), the sense of having separated from the body and of viewing it from the outside, is widely reported. 

This near-death experience of an American woman is regarded as especially significant, as it occurred during the purposeful complete shutdown of her brain and body functions to allow delicate brain surgery.

Classic study of out-of-body experiences described in the context of the occult idea of 'astral projection', co-written by an adept experiencer and a veteran psi researcher.

In recent years, a variety of anomalous mental phenomena have been noted that appear to be triggered by crisis relating to danger, death and bereavement. Research into these phenomena has gathered momentum in the last decade, as it becomes clear that the prevalence rate across categories is substantial.

Rare cases of patients with long-term dementia and other severe neurological disorders who exhibit a brief return to mental clarity and full memory shortly before death hold particular significance both for understanding the nature of mind and for terminal patient care. 

Michael Whiteman (1906–2007), a British-born mathematician living in South Africa, wrote books and articles inspired by his many psychical and mystical experiences.