Scientists & Researchers

German biologist and parapsychologist, whose psi research has focused on anomalous death-related and biological phenomena such as terminal lucidity and sudden hair whitening in response to stress.

Experimental psychologist, research co-ordinator at Princeton’s PEAR laboratory (1980 -2002) and founder of the long-running Global Consciousness Project.

British parapsychologist (d 1989) who carried out statistical experiments in ESP and psychokinesis, often in collaboration with his wife Betty Humphrey.

Senior official in the Ministry of Defence (1923–1998) and a leading member of the Society for Psychical Research, involved in investigations of crop circles, mediumship and UFOs.

Polish philosopher, psychologist and inventor (1850-1917), who also pursued interests in psychical research, carrying out notable investigations of psychokinetic phenomena with mediums.

Japanese linguistics professor and parapsychologist, with interests in postmortem survival phenomena, chiefly reincarnation but also including birth memories and near-death experiences.

Arthur Oram (1916-2005), a leading member of the Society for Psychical  Research, published experiments in telepathy and actively explored mediumship. His book The System in Which We...

Karlis Osis (1917–1997) was a leading figure in parapsychology in the second half of the twentieth century. He is noted especially for his research on deathbed visions and out-of-body experiences but he also conducted important experimental tests of ESP under a variety of conditions.

French medical practitioner and psi researcher (1874-1938), director of the Institut Métapsychique International in Paris, noted for an innovative investigation of the medium Rudi Schneider.

British mathematics professor and parapsychologist (1919-2003), notable for his poltergeist research and, with his wife Iris, for the landmark ‘Philip’ experiment in psychokinesis and spirit communication.