Scientists & Researchers

John George Piddington (1869-1952) was a successful British businessman who played a leading role in the Society for Psychical Research, notably in the investigation of mental mediumship.


Frank Podmore (1856-1910) played a significant role in the early years of the Society for Psychical Research, initially as an investigator, later as a proponent of mainly non-paranormal interpretations of psi phenomena.  

American psychiatrist who has conducted successful ESP research with autistic children.

South African-born zoologist and author, a former president of the Society for Psychical Research, with particular interests in out-of-body experiences and the thought of philosopher Michael Whiteman.

American psychologist and parapsychologist (1910-1979) best known for successful ESP experiments at Duke University and for extensive later research with Pavel Stepanek, a Czech psychic.

Harry Price (1881-1948) was a British paranormal investigator, who caused controversy with numerous high-profile investigations of hauntings and other psychic phenomena. 

English novelist and playwright (1894-1984). Many of his works were constructed around the concept of time and precognition, topics of particular interest in the domain of psychical research.

Episcopal minister and parapsychologist (1863-1934) known for his ‘Doris Fischer’ study, a notable early twentieth century American case of dissociative identity disorder. He also wrote extensively about telepathy and mediumship.

Describes key organizations and individuals involved in psi research in the US and Canada, from the field’s beginnings in the 1930s to the present day.

An international list of scientists and intellectuals who contributed to the investigation of psi phenomena in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, giving brief summaries of their interests and activities.