Scientists & Researchers

Barry Taff is an American author and investigator of hauntings, UFOs and alien abduction phenomena

American psychiatrist (1961-2002) and pioneer in the field of mind-body medical research, whose 1999 study on the effect of prayer on AIDS patients was the cause of controversy.

American physicist, laser pioneer and parapsychologist who collaborated with Harold Puthoff in the study of remote viewing, the basis of the psychic intelligence-gathering programme known as Star Gate.

American psychologist and parapsychologist who is internationally known for research on the nature of consciousness and has experimented widely in psi and out-of-body experiences.

Dutch psychologist and parapsychologist (1894-1981), known for his research and writings about the Dutch psychic detective and healer Gerard Croiset.

Australian psychologist and parapsychologist (1955-2010) whose research interests included psi experimentation and theory, the psychology of mystical experience, coincidence and Kundalini.

Nobel prize-winning British physicist (1856-1940) who had a long-standing interest in paranormal phenomena, notably claims by mediums to produce psychokinetic effects.

English social psychologist and parapsychologist (1894-1984), best known for his cipher tests of postmortem survival and for introducing ‘psi’ as a collective term for psychic phenomena.

English Jesuit Roman Catholic priest, scholar and active member in the Society for Psychical Research (1856-1939). Thurston was critical of Spiritualism, but held a more positive view of psi than his clerical peers.

American materials science professor, who in retirement carried out experiments appearing to show that psychic energy can directly influence chemical and biological systems.