Scientists & Researchers

Robert Van de Castle (1927–2014) was an American psychologist specializing in dream research. He was active in parapsychology, both as an experimenter in ESP dreaming and also as a subject, in...

American parapsychologist living in France, president of the Institut Métapsychique International.

Leonid Vasiliev (1891-1966), a physiologist and parapsychologist at the University of Leningrad, reported numerous successful experiments in ‘mental suggestion’ (telepathy).

Annalisa Ventola is executive director of the Parapsychological Association, and has carried out research into the psychological variables involved in poltergeist and haunting episodes.

British psychologist specializing in neuroscience, cognition and research methods, who has carried out experimental ESP studies and other psi research.  

Leading member of the Society for Psychical Research (1857-1916), notable for her study of automatic writing, which she herself successfully practised.

German clinical psychologist and psi researcher who has collaborated with physicists to develop an explanatory theory of psi based on quantum mechanics.

French parapsychologist (1881-1962) who published numerous books and articles on experiments in telepathy by means of transmission of drawings.

South African-born (1939-2008) zoologist, anthropologist and author of books about science and the paranormal. The popular metaphor ‘hundredth monkey’ was coined by him.

Scottish psychologist and seecond holder of the Koestler Chair of Parapsychology, who has made contributions to understanding psi from both a proponent and sceptic angle.