Scientists & Researchers

German clinical psychologist and parapsychologist who has carried out research in distant interaction, telepathy and healing.

Gary Schwartz is a psychology professor at the University of Arizona who has engaged in mediumship and psi healing research. He is the author of The Afterlife Experiments (2002).

American consciousness researcher, future trends analyst and author. His experimental research focuses on remote viewing, which he has used to make significant discoveries in the field of archaeology.  

Profile of the pioneering biologist known for his theory of 'morphic resonance' and innovative experiments on telepathic capabilities of humans and animals. 

American author, media personality and career sceptic, founder of the Skeptics Society and its magazine Skeptic.

Senior psychology lecturer at the University of Derby, whose psi research interests include anomalous sleep experiences, dream-ESP and hauntings. 

Chinese psychologist who has carried out ESP research, including experiments in collaboration with American parapsychologist Dean Radin.  

A significant figure in the early Society for Psychical Research (1845-1936), wife of Henry Sidgwick, its first president.

Influential British moral philosopher (1838-1900) whose doubts about religious belief led him to play a major role in the founding of psychical research as a scientific endeavor.

British psychologist and parapsychologist living in the US, whose research interests include the psychology of paranormal belief/disbelief and clinical approaches to exceptional experiences.