Scientists & Researchers

Second part of an international list of scientists and intellectuals who contributed to the investigation of psi phenomena, giving brief summaries of their interests and activities. The list covers the mid-twentieth century.

Andrija Puharich was a scientist, inventor and psi researcher, now remembered mainly for his close collaboration with the Israeli psychic Uri Geller.

American physicist, laser pioneer and parapsychologist, who carried out research with gifted psychics and co-founded the US government-funded Star Gate remote viewing program. 

French clinical psychologist whose psi research has included the study of precognition and presentiment effects and the clinical aspects of anomalous experiences.

Dean Radin is an American scientist known for innovative experiments in the study of consciousness and psi phenomena, and for his accessible books about parapsychology, such as The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds.

British educator and parapsychologist (1933-2011) who conducted ESP experiments and contributed extensively to the publications of the Society for Psychical Research.

Canadian-born conjurer (1928–2020) and  public scourge of psychics, parapsychologists, faith healers and practitioners of alternative medicine, best known for his ‘Million Dollar Challenge'.

American physicist with an interest in altered states of consciousness, who explored links between Eastern philosophy and quantum physics.

Glen Rein is an American biochemist who has investigated the influence of human intention on DNA activity.

Joseph Banks Rhine (1895-1980) is considered the founder of modern parapsychology. An American botanist-turned-psychologist, he was the first to systematically apply experimental investigations in the field of psychical research.