Scientists & Researchers

Betty Markwick (b 1933) is a British mathematician and statistician, credited with having uncovered fraud in ESP experiments by SG Soal.

CC Massey (1838-1905) was an English barrister, Theosophist, and founding member of the Society for Psychical Research.

American anthropologist and leading reincarnation researcher (b 1954) with a comprehensive, multicultural and interdisciplinary approach. 

American physicist and parapsychologist, notable for his direction of the US government-funded Star Gate remote viewing program and for his formulation of physicalist theories of psi.

German psychologist, director of the Gesellschaft für Anomalistik, with a particular interest in cultural studies and interdisciplinary approaches relating to parapsychology and anomalistics.

Rollin McCraty is an American psychophysiologist who has carried out research in the relationship between heart and mind.

Eminent British psychologist (1871–1938) who during appointments at American universities contributed largely to the establishing of parapsychology as an experimental science.

Scottish psychiatrist, university teacher and medical historian (1917-2003) who studied the kinds of psychic experiences reported by his patients.

British mathematician and engineer (1920-1971) who carried out experiments and scholarly studies in psychical research.

American consciousness researcher and author of The Selection Effect (2020), which describes a long-term micro-psychokinesis self-study with a random event generator.