Scientists & Researchers

Senior psychology lecturer at the University of Derby, whose psi research interests include anomalous sleep experiences, dream-ESP and hauntings. 

Chinese psychologist who has carried out ESP research, including experiments in collaboration with American parapsychologist Dean Radin.  

A significant figure in the early Society for Psychical Research (1845-1936), wife of Henry Sidgwick, its first president.

British psychologist and parapsychologist living in the US, whose research interests include the psychology of paranormal belief/disbelief and clinical approaches to exceptional experiences.

University mathematics teacher and parapsychologist (1889-1975) who was discovered after his death to have faked his seemingly dramatic successes with telepathy experiments during the 1940s and 1950s.

American neuroscientist and naturopathic physician who has performed successful psi experiments in distant interactions.

Rex Stanford is an American psychologist and parapsychologist known for his influential Psi-mediated Instrumental Research (PMIR) model.

Nineteenth-century journalist, author, social reformer and medium, author of Letters from Julia (1909), automatic writings said to contain communications from a deceased friend on the subject of afterlife conditions. 

Philosopher who has carried out psi research in Germany and Britain, principally on mind-matter effects and precognition.

British psychologist who has carried out parapsychological research emphasizing the role played by the environment in psi expression.