Scientists & Researchers

American researcher, author and educator with a background in neuroscience who has carried out parapsychological studies, notably on precognition and presentiment effects.

American author (1903-1969) of books about his out-of-body experiences, which he said occurred throughout his life, and which by experiment he found he could largely control.  

American psychologist, parapsychologist and author (1895-1979) who made major contributions to psychology and parapsychology in a career that spanned six decades.

Australian-British classics scholar (1866-1957), significant in the literature of psychical research for his striking success in informal telepathy experiments.  

Nineteenth century poet, investigator and thinker, whose posthumously-published book Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death (1903) offers a theory of consciousness that encompasses psychic experience.

German biologist and parapsychologist, whose psi research has focused on anomalous death-related and biological phenomena such as terminal lucidity and sudden hair whitening in response to stress.

Experimental psychologist, research co-ordinator at Princeton’s PEAR laboratory (1980 -2002) and founder of the long-running Global Consciousness Project.

British parapsychologist (d 1989) who carried out statistical experiments in ESP and psychokinesis, often in collaboration with his wife Betty Humphrey.

Senior official in the Ministry of Defence (1923–1998) and a leading member of the Society for Psychical Research, involved in investigations of crop circles, mediumship and UFOs.

Japanese linguistics professor and parapsychologist, with interests in postmortem survival phenomena, chiefly reincarnation but also including birth memories and near-death experiences.