Scientists & Researchers

British parapsychologist, educator and author, whose research has probed the relationship between meditation and psi performance.

British researcher interested in the effect of geomagnetic activity on ESP, also in psi's philosophical and sociological implications.

British parapsychologist (1952-2018) who in the 1970s reported successful ganzfeld telepathy experiments. The results were later cast in doubt by claims of deception by a prominent sceptic. 

Social anthropologist and psi researcher, studying distant intentionality, healing and special gifted populations.

American experimental psychologist and parapsychologist, noted for her ‘sheep-goat’ theory that experimental subjects’ ESP ability relates to their belief or otherwise in the reality of psychic phenomena.

German clinical psychologist and parapsychologist who has carried out research in distant interaction, telepathy and healing.

Gary Schwartz is a psychology professor at the University of Arizona who has engaged in mediumship and psi healing research. He is the author of The Afterlife Experiments (2002).

American consciousness researcher, future trends analyst and author.  His experimental research focuses on remote viewing, which he has used to make significant discoveries in the field of archaeology.  

Profile of the pioneering biologist known for his theory of 'morphic resonance' and innovative experiments on telepathic capabilities of humans and animals. 

American author, media personality and career skeptic, founder of the Skeptics Society and its magazine Skeptic.