Scientists & Researchers

Englishwoman (1895-1980) who wrote a memoir describing her frequent psychic experiences, often in relation to healing and family matters.

J Arthur Hill (1872-1951) was an English author of books on psychical research and spiritualism.  

Brazilian philosopher and psychologist with research interests in parapsychology, in particular ganzfeld ESP and collective influence on random number generators.

British psychologist and parapsychologist based at the University of Northampton. His research has focused on implicit precognition, morphic fields and the use of floatation tanks to induce psi-conducive states. 

Australian-born psychical researcher, noted both for his strong scepticism of physical (séance) mediums, and for his more sympathetic later work with the mental (clairvoyant) medium Leonora Piper.

British psychologist and psi researcher, whose work has focused on the relationship of creativity and other personality traits with anomalous experiences.

Austrian-born American author (1920-2009) and paranormal investigator, notably of the Amityville haunting, viewed with suspicion by some other parapsychologists.

American parapsychologist (1946-92) who achieved notable successes in his psi experiments and helped pioneer the ganzfeld sensory deprivation technique as a method of ESP testing.  

Minor British aristocrat(1892-1962 who participated in experiments with Rudi Schneider and the investigation of the Borley Rectory haunting.

The legendary American-Hungarian stage magician and escape artist Harry Houdini (1874–1926) was hostile to spiritualism, and wrote books about his debunking of mediums.