Scientists & Researchers

Physicist based in Brussels, a specialist in complexity science and nonlinear systems, with interests in how consciousness interacts with aspects of the physical world.

Austrian philosopher, cognitive scientist and psychotherapy researcher, based in Liechtenstein. His research interests include anomalous phenomena surrounding death and dying.

German psychologist and parapsychologist, whose research interests include biographical, cultural and historical aspects of spiritism, occultism and psychical research in Germany.  

Director of research and co-founder of the Windbridge Research Center in Arizona, which researches survival of consciousness and the therapeutic benefits of consulting mediums.

John Beloff (1920-2006) was a British psychologist, philosopher and parapsychologist, the author of numerous scholarly books and articles on the philosophy of mind and psi-related topics. 

Daryl Bem, a social psychologist and professor emeritus at Cornell University, has carried out psi research, including landmark experiments in precognition and presentiment.

Influential French philosopher( 1859–1941) who was strongly interested in psi phenomena, from which he developed a ‘filter’ theory of consciousness. 

Annie Besant (1847-1933) was an English theosophist, socialist and women’s rights activist with an interest in psychical research for the purpose of spiritual development.

Theodore Besterman (1904-1976) was an author, translator and psychical researcher, who investigated mediums and wrote books and articles on paranormal topics.

Dutch psychologist and parapsychologist, with a  background in molecular physics. His experimental psi research has included work on ESP and presentiment effects. He has also experimented on the role of consciousness in quantum collapse.