Damon Abraham

Damon Abraham uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques to examine the interplay between psi and technology.


Damon T Abraham PhD completed his studies at the University of Denver, focusing his formal research on the topics of emotion, emotional self-regulation and mental construal. Abraham is actively involved in several parapsychological research projects, such as developing novel machine-mediated techniques for remote viewing and random event generator data analysis. His research aims to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of psi experiments and explore the intersection of psi and technology.

Abraham is a member of the Consciousness Hacking movement, an organization based in Colorado that explores the convergence of meditation, technology, psychedelics and spirituality.

Picture Database

Abraham is leading the development of a large open-sourced repository of images for use in free-response parapsychology experiments, in collaboration with Julia Mossbridge at the The Institute for Love and Time (TILT) and Cédric Cannard and Helané Wahbeh at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The project aims to study correlations between psi functioning and picture content by evaluating approximately 3000 unique images across eighteen psychological dimensions. This initiative will provide valuable insights into what constitutes an ideal target image for parapsychological studies.1

Macro and Micro PK

In a joint presentation for the Society for Scientific Exploration and International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) conference in 2018, Abraham shared preliminary findings from his exploration of macro-PK effects. Utilizing a technique developed by Sean McNamara, Abraham trained himself to influence the movement of a foil object balanced on a needle within a glass enclosure. Throughout the experiments, data were collected from a nearby random number generator (RNG) and analyzed for significant deviations from randomness. No statistical correlation between the foil movement and RNG output was observed, but intriguing patterns were seen to emerge at peak moments.

Current Activity

Abraham is actively involved in the development of a psi-based mobile application called Entangled, inspired by the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). This analyzes individual users’ and aggregated random data streams for deviations from randomness that are associated with meaningful personal and global events. As a cutting-edge consciousness-based mobile application, Entangled seeks to become the leading platform for personal and scientific exploration of psi.

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Abraham, T.D., Mossbridge, J., Cannard, C., & Wahbeh, H. (2023). Uncovering subjective meaning: Developing an opensourced database of images for psi research and beyond. Proceedings of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. July 23-26.


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