Possession & Past Lives

Controversial 1950s regression hypnosis case, in which Chicago resident Virginia Tighe remembered verifiably accurate details of life in Ireland in the nineteenth century.

Overview of articles on reincarnation in the Psi Encyclopedia along with a partial list of cases of very young children who spoke of having lived a previous life, with brief summaries, some of which link to more detailed accounts. 

English author whose books describe her memories of previous lives, some of which she eventually traced to real individuals and events.

Analysis of the celebrated Thompson-Gifford case of ostensible possession, examining its value as evidence of survival.

British woman who as a small child exhibited an obssession with ancient Egypt suggestive of a past life influence, and who became a respected Egyptologist. A possible case of replacement reincarnation.  

Apparent past-life memories may surface in the dreams of both children and adults, although only occasionally are they detailed enough to enable the previous life to be identified. 

Prominent behavioural characteristics feature strongly in some cases of past-life memory, as in the Sri Lankan case of Duminda Ratnayake. Duminda remembered having been chief monk in a famous...

List of thirty-one cases of young children in the Netherlands who spoke of having lived a previous life, mostly collected by Titus Rivas and Anny Dirven.

Accounts of past-life memories of European children, a phenomenon widely believed to be less common than in Asia but in fact less rare than is generally realized.

Experimental birthmarks and birth defects in reincarnation cases resemble marks or mutilations made on the bodies of deceased or dying persons with the hope that they will reappear on the body of...