Possession & Past Lives

Canadian anthropologist and reincarnation researcher, who specializes in reincarnation beliefs and experiences of indigenous peoples of the north-west region of North America.

Collection of cases of the reincarnation type among Tlingit and other native North American cultures. 

Lebanese case of a child's past life memories notable for the large volume of detail later verified as accurate.  

Some eleven million people were killed in the Nazi death camps during World War II, so it is not surprising that camp experiences are sometimes recalled by people who remember a past life.  ...

Detailed and historically accurate 'memories of previous lives' are routinely elicited during  past life regression hypnotherapy. They are attributed by some to reincarnation and by others to unconscious recall (cryptomnesia).  

Children who have memories of past lives sometimes make drawings of their recollections, to express them or as therapy for past-life traumas.

The investigation of cases of infant children who recount, spontaneously and in detail, the intimate circumstances of a deceased individual they could not be expected to know anything about. 

If reincarnation truly happens, why do most people remember no past lives? And if most people have had a past life and forgotten it, why do a few, especially young children, remember it?

Though reincarnation researchers have not found evidence to support New Age notions of permanent ‘soul groups’ or ‘soul mates,’ they have discovered cases in which people verifiably knew each other in previous lives.

In this celebrated British reincarnation case, two young sisters who died in a road accident appeared to be reborn as twins to the same parents.