Possession & Past Lives

Sri Lankan girl who remembered a life as a male incense maker, with exact details that enabled inevestigators to identify the previous personality. 

Indian case of a child's past life memories that were attributed by one investigator to reincarnation and by another to cultural factors, making it an important source for sceptics. 

In this Indian reincarnation case, twin boys recalled the lives of two men, also twins, who were savagely murdered.  The boys not only retained memories of their previous lives but were born with birthmarks that reflected the nature of their brutal deaths.

Case from Thailand of a young girl who, from the age of one, made detailed statements about a previous life as a Buddhist devotee.

Reincarnation may be defined as the return of a nonmaterial essence (soul, mind, consciousness) to another physical body after death. Reincarnation beliefs are widespread in the world today and...

Early accounts of past life memories show similar features to more recent investigated cases, suggesting that this is a natural phenomenon, not one based on religious or cultural beliefs. 

Not all reincarnationist cultures believe that our actions in one life are punished or rewarded in another, while analysis of credible reincarnation cases shows no convincing evidence for karma.

Spontaneous ‘past life’ memories in children are often accompanied by phobias that correspond with remembered traumas, especially those that resulted in death.  

In some cases of spontaneous past-life memory, children recall having hidden money or other valuables in their previous lives and show where these may be found.

The investigative reincarnation literature includes at least some specious cases. The ethereal nature of past-life memories affords great scope for fantasy-based and even fraudulent claims, made...