Possession & Past Lives

Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) is a clinical treatment sometimes used with patients who appear to be ‘possessed’ by a harmful spirit entity, and who have not responded to conventional psychotherapy or psychiatric methods. 

Lebanese reincarnation case from the 1960s in which the child experienced most of his memories of the previous life between the ages of eleven and thirteen, not as an infant, as is more typical.

Indian case of a boy who remembered details of a previous life as a wealthy businessman in Budaun, in the north of India.

Nineteenth century case of a New York jeweller who found himself spontaneously driven to produce high quality paintings in the style of a recently deceased landscape painter, despite a lack of artistic skill.

Thusita Silva recalled a life in a town far from where she lived in Sri Lanka, that ended by drowning when she fell off a footbridge. Thusita’s statements about her previous life were recorded by Professor Erlendur Haraldsson and his associates before they attempted to verify the details.

Case study of an Indian boy who remembered a brief past life as a violent criminal, a possible example of the 'replacement’ type, in which the previous person’s death follows the start of the new pregnancy or the birth. 

Recent cases in which recipients of heart transplants have appeared to take on dominant personality traits of the deceased organ donor are viewed by some as evidence of survival of death.

Some documented cases of the reincarnation type involve twins who recall having been closely associated, often as marriage partners, siblings or friends. Such cases hold implications for...

Nineteenth-century American case (also known as the Watseka Wonder) of a 13-year old girl appearing for some months to be possessed by the spirit of a girl of the same town who had died twelve years earlier. 

This is one of several documented past life memory cases occurring among the Druze community in Lebanon. As a young child in the 1990s, Wael Kiwan made specific statements about a previous life in...