Possession & Past Lives

In some cases of spontaneous past-life memory, children recall having hidden money or other valuables in their previous lives and show where these may be found.

A list of thirty reincarnation cases in which records were made of a subject’s memory claims before they were verified, removing any question about what subjects had said before their memories were confirmed.

The investigative reincarnation literature includes at least some specious cases. The ethereal nature of past-life memories affords great scope for fantasy-based and even fraudulent claims, made...

In certain documented cases of the reincarnation type it appears that the individual was reborn in a different country to the one in which he or she had lived in the previous life.

Since China occupied Tibet in 1959 there have been several reports of prominent Tibetan lamas reincarnating as Westerners, with the intention of spreading Buddhist teachings to other countries.

Universal, near-universal and culture-linked patterns can be discerned in the dataset of reincarnation cases.

Corresponding birthmarks are commonly observed in the case of people who remember a previous life, but also other physical signs, such as  facial structure, eye form, skin colour, physique, and other features. 

In replacement reincarnation, a person remembers the life of someone who died after he or she was born. In psychical research, these cases have been called anomalous-date cases, possession, and...

American reincarnation case which holds the record for the number of memories of a previous life related by the child before the previous person, a Hollywood agent, was identified.

Famous Indian reincarnation case of the 1930s, striking for the quantity, accuracy and persistence of the child’s past life memories.