Mediums & Psychics

This case study describes experiments undertaken in Paris by French researcher Eugene Osty working with the Austrian physical medium Rudi Schneider. The experiments were notable for the use...

Norfolk-based group that held séances during the 1990s, claiming to have communicated with spirits and to have observed paranormal phenomena of various kinds. 

Ted Serios (1918-2006)  was an adept in the rare phenomenon of ‘thoughtography’ (an ability to 'think' images onto photographic film), investigated over many years by Denver psychiatrist Jule Eisenbud.

Outstanding musical performer (1848-1927) who attributed his gifts to mediumship. In later life he won critical acclaim as an essayist under the pen name Francis Grierson.

Nineteenth century seance medium who was publicly accused of fraud, but who was also said to have produced striking physical phenomena in well-controlled conditions. 

Swiss medium (1861-1929), the subject of a classic 1900 study by Théodore Flournoy often cited by proponents of psychological and non-survivalist interpretations of mediumship.

Alexander Tanous (1926-1990) was a noted New England psychic and parapsychologist, who contributed to out-of-body research. 

Nineteenth century case of a New York jeweller who found himself spontaneously driven to produce high quality paintings in the style of a recently deceased landscape painter, despite a lack of artistic skill.

American direct-voice medium (1859-1942) of considerable power, according to observers who attended sittings in the US and Britain. 

Popular Brazilian medium (1910-2002) celebrated for his prolific output of poetry, fiction and Spiritist philosophy, which he said was dictated to him by discarnate spirits.