Mediums & Psychics

Nineteenth century seance medium who was publicly accused of fraud, but who was also said to have produced striking physical phenomena in well-controlled conditions. 

Swiss medium (1861-1929), the subject of a classic 1900 study by Théodore Flournoy often cited by proponents of psychological and non-survivalist interpretations of mediumship.

Alexander Tanous (1926-1990) was a noted New England psychic and parapsychologist, who contributed to out-of-body research. 

Nineteenth century case of a New York jeweller who found himself spontaneously driven to produce high quality paintings in the style of a recently deceased landscape painter, despite a lack of artistic skill.

Non-profit research organization based in Tucson, Arizona, dedicated to the rigorous scientific study of mental mediums (people who claim regular communication with the deceased).

American direct-voice medium (1859-1942) of considerable power, according to observers who attended sittings in the US and Britain. 

Popular Brazilian medium (1910-2002) celebrated for his prolific output of poetry, fiction and Spiritist philosophy, which he said was dictated to him by discarnate spirits.