Mediums & Psychics

George Chapman (1921-2006) was a British trance medium reputed to channel the spirit of William Lang (1852-1937), an ophthalmic surgeon. The partnership is said to have brought about numerous healings.

Early nineteenth-century mediumship case in which a communicator in Iceland reported a fire taking place in Copenhagen, with details that subsequently proved to be accurate. 

London nurse (1900-1986) who produced abundant mediumistic phenomena in investigative sittings organized in the 1920s by Harry Price.

Gives details of correspondence, reports, films and other materials relating to the Dutch psychic Gerard Croiset (1909-1980), available to view in the Johan Borgman Foundation archive in Utrecht.

Dutch psychic (1909-1980) known for demonstrations of precognitive clairvoyance (chair tests) and for finding missing persons.

A phenomenon that emerged in the early twentieth century in the study of mediumship and automatic writing, in which deceased psychical researchers appeared to be signalling to their living colleagues the fact of their having survived death. 

Irish medium who published automatic scripts said to originate with the deceased FWH Myers and other discarnates, noteworthy for their accurate depiction of individual style and personality.

Russian woman who claims the ability to view inside human bodies and correctly diagnose diseases, and has a busy practice in her home country. She submitted to scientific tests in the US and Japan, with mixed results.

Analysis of the celebrated Thompson-Gifford case of ostensible possession, examining its value as evidence of survival.

Some personalities that communicate through mediums are unknown to anyone present and give details that enable their identity to be verified, strengthening the case for survival.