Mediums & Psychics

Communications through a trance medium purporting to come from the surviving spirit of a recently deceased teenager, that were highly evidential and are often cited as convincing evidence of survival of death. 

Polish banker (1873-1943) who exhibited psychic abilities and for some years submitted to investigation as a materialization medium. His séances were notable for producing wax moulds of ectoplasmic forms. 

British trance medium who collaborated with investigators of the Society for Psychical Research in the 1920s and 1930s, notable for innovative approaches such as proxy sittings and book tests. 

The focus of poltergeist activity during his teens, Manning (b 1955) became a celebrity psychic and also collaborated in scientific experiments, before focusing on a career as a healer.

Persuasive 1980s survival case of a chess game played between Russian grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi and, via a medium, a communicator who identified himself as deceased Hungarian grandmaster Geza Maroczy.

Examines  similarities between the personalities that communicate in trance mediumship and those that manifest in cases of dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder).

Describes the view of  some scientists and medical professionals during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that mediumship was an abnormal, pathological condition. 


Describes how 'spirit mediumship' and 'spirit possession' overlap, especially as experienced in non-Western contexts.

A review of research carried out with mental mediums since 2001.

Carlos Mirabelli (1889-1951) was a Brazilian medium credited with phenomena of similar power and frequency to those associated with DD Home, although he was little known in the English-speaking world.  The occurrences were observed by credible witnesses in conditions sufficient to rule out fraud, and often in daylight.