Mediums & Psychics

Controversial Scottish physical medium (1898-1956) known for producing ‘ectoplasm’ and 'spirit materializations', sentenced to jail under England’s Witchcraft Act of 1735.

Ninteen-thirties mediumship case in which four mediums, consulted separately, gave strikingly concordant information about the circumstances surrounding a mysterious death. 

German circle for physical mediumship founded in 2005 by Kai Mügge, noted for the magnitude and diversity of its phenomena, some of which has been observed in controlled conditions, but which latterly has been tainted by allegations of fraud. 

American women who as children were at the centre of poltergeist-type phenomena in 1848 and became professional mediums and progenitors of the Spiritualist movement. Their later claim to have faked their 'rapping' phenomena remains controversial. 

Brazilian medium (1949-2018)  well-known in Brazil and Europe for paintings made in trance at high speed and attributed to deceased artists from Leonardo da Vinci to Picasso.

Israeli-born celebrity psychic known for metal-bending and telepathic feats.

George Chapman (1921-2006) was a British trance medium reputed to channel the spirit of William Lang (1852-1937), an ophthalmic surgeon. The partnership is said to have brought about numerous healings.

Texts communicated through a medium, seemingly by deceased former monks of Glastonbury Abbey in the southwest of England in an attempt to help an archaeologist with excavations. 

Investigation of a Florida housewife who exhibits psychic effects, notably the spontaneous, involuntary and seemingly inexplicable appearance on her skin and clothes of flakes of golden-like brass foil.

Northern Irish Spiritualist group said to produce striking psychic phenomena, the subject of detailed experiments by William Crawford in the 1910s.