Other Phenomena

Animal magnetism, the eighteenth century movement that attributed trance states to a physical agent, experienced a late flowering in the nineteenth century, sometimes referred to as ‘neo-mesmerism’.

Globular light anomalies often seen in photographs and video film, caused by dust and pollen, but attributed by some to the presence of ghosts, spirits or angelic beings.

Italian Roman Catholic friar and mystic (1879-1968) known for the phenomenon of 'stigmata', bleeding sores similar to the wounds sustained by Christ at the crucifixion. 

Throughout history there have been reports of individuals, notably St Teresa of Avila and St Joseph of Cupertino, being seen, spontaneously and involuntarily, to rise into the air and remain suspended

Reviews the research literature on claimed UFO*** do we want to change "UFO" to the currently-used term "UAP" in this article? sightings and alien encounters, including associated claims of paranormal phenomena.

Survey of witchcraft beliefs and persecutions in Europe, from antiquity to the late Christian era and its twentieth century revival in the form of Wicca.