In Mental Radio (1930), American writer Upton Sinclair described telepathy experiments he carried out with his wife Craig, in which she successfully reproduced drawings made by him and unseen by her.

Controversial nineteenth century episode of telepathy experiments involving two young men, one of whom in later life claimed they had cheated, which the other vigorously denied.  

Czech ESP subject who performed consistently well in experiments carried out in Prague and in the US during the 1960s.

The super-psi hypothesis is the claim that psychic functioning is  more extensive than the evidence would suggest, and that it might  play a pervasive role in everyday affairs. 

American artist (1933-2013) whose psychic ability led him to participate in successful ESP and PK experiments, including remote viewing research that became the basis for the Star Gate psychic spying program. 

Incidents suggestive of telepathy between twins are frequently reported in the popular press, but only in the present century has the claim been systematically investigated.   

The UK arguably leads psi research in Europe, having active centres in at least eight universities. This brief overview surveys the experimental work being carried out in the three main centres.

Well-known experimental methods in parapsychology include card guessing, dice throwing, ganzfeld and remote viewing. This article describes some recent, less common approaches.

Parapsychologist (1881-1962) who published numerous books and articles on experiments in telepathy by means of transmission of drawings.