Failed replication of a precognitive effect reported by Bem in 2011, using the most stringent methods to reduce the likelihood of methodological and statistical errors.  

American author Mark Twain (1835-1910) wrote about psychic experiences in his own life, notably telepathic interactions with people at a distance.

Incidents suggestive of telepathy between twins are frequently reported in the popular press, but only recently have the claims been systematically investigated and there is as yet no sustained research programme in this area.   

The UK arguably leads psi research in Europe, having active centres in at least eight universities. This brief overview surveys the experimental work being carried out in the three main centres.

Well-known experimental methods in parapsychology include card guessing, dice throwing, ganzfeld and remote viewing. This article describes some recent, less common approaches.

French parapsychologist (1881-1962) who published numerous books and articles on experiments in telepathy by means of transmission of drawings.

A successful long-distance telepathy experiment was carried out over a five month period in 1938, between an explorer travelling in the Arctic and a psychical researcher based in New York.